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How Mold Damage can Enter Your Home from Outside Your Property in Colorado Springs

6/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How Mold Damage can Enter Your Home from Outside Your Property in Colorado Springs Excess water and flooding can lead to mold damage both inside and outside of your home. Call SERVPRO for remediation efforts.

SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage Inside or Outside of Your Home

Mold creates a significant amount of damage wherever it thrives because of the way it uses its food source as a platform. Anchored by its hyphae on whatever surface it is using to supply its nutrients, mold causes that same surface to slowly disintegrate.  As it disintegrates, the mold reaches deeper down. This activity applies to any material that is even slightly porous, including concrete or brick.
In Colorado Springs, homes are made of some of the best building materials in the country, but mold damage can still happen. This is true even though our state is one of the driest, as well. We still receive enough rainfall every year to allow mold to grow. Mold occurs everywhere, and this means mold damage can happen inside your home, and outside, in areas that you might not have considered.
Decorative brick on the exterior areas of your home, including those in walkways and patios, can become infused with mold. When wet, these bricks can become extremely slippery, causing people to fall and possibly injure themselves. Care must be taken to clean these areas well so that mold spores are not spread. Even though they are located outside, it is important to contain as much of the mold and spores as possible.
It is crucial that this is cleaned up outside as mold is easily carried indoors by both people and pets. Once inside, mold can find itself deposited into pet beds and tucked away under beds and inside closets. All of these locations are perfect breeding grounds for mold. A small amount of moisture is all that is needed to finish off their new abode, and safely (for mold, until discovered) inside your own.
SERVPRO can help you rid your home of mold and the damage it can create. When mold becomes a problem, the only real choice is to remediate and protect your home. Mold damage affects your home, and while it is doing this, it can also be the cause of adverse health effects in your family members. Call us, SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789, any day and at any hour if you have found mold damage in your home or believe it might be a problem where you live.

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It is All About the Equipment in Colorado Springs

5/29/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage It is All About the Equipment in Colorado Springs Water heaters can flood the room that they are in with many gallons of water. Call SERVPRO to remediate the damage and help you with the disaster.

SERVPRO Technicians Bring Equipment as Well as the Generators Necessary to Remediate Your Property

Your day takes a whole different focus when your water heater splits its bottom, spilling water throughout your utility room. As much as you want to try to take care of the problem on your own, the sheer magnitude of 50 or more gallons of water in a confined space, with more flowing if you fail to turn off the water main, makes you dial for help. The team at SERVPRO is always ready for this type of challenge.
Not all water removal issues in Colorado Springs are dramatic. Sometimes it is the most mundane equipment failure that gets your attention. Your hard-working water heater provided its last hot showers, laundry, and dishwashing yesterday. Today it needs our team to dig down deep and give you back your basement using our skills and powerful water removal equipment.
SERVPRO has one mission -- to put the pieces back together after you experience an unexpected disaster. The first task after a water heater leaks is to remove all that water. We have powerful, truck mounted pumps and extractors that make water removal manageable. When we arrive, we assess the situation, turn off the water if it is still flowing, and then work with you and your insurer to take charge of returning your dwelling to preloss condition.
If the electricity cut out during the flood, we rely on our truck for the power to pump and vacuum out the water. We make certain there is no danger of shocking you or our staff during this stage. After the majority of the water is gone, our certified technicians set up air movers to continue the drying process. The condition of flooring and walls is evaluated to help make the choice between restoration or tear out and replacement.
Restoration is always preferred by us as it limits your costs and returns the affected areas back to your use faster. The key often is whether you called us in time. If the water only stood for a few hours before we removed it, chances are better that professional drying completes the job. On the other hand, if water remained for more than a day or two before we arrived, you risk secondary damage of structures and belongings. The original flood of water from the heater was clean. Every hour it waits for removal gives microbial growth a chance to complicate matters for the SERVPRO staff.
Keep things simple when you need water removal by contacting SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs immediately. Our truck rolls out as soon as possible after your call to (719) 574-2789.

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The Impact Of Regulated Airflow On Flood Damage In Colorado Springs

5/4/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Impact Of Regulated Airflow On Flood Damage In Colorado Springs Airflow is very important when it comes to flood damage.

The Impact Of Regulated Airflow On Flood Damage

Flood damage restorers often talk about the ‘drying pie.’ What they are referring to is the interplay of three key variables and their impact on repairs. These variables are humidity, temperature, and airflow. Each one exerts a direct influence on the physical state of water.

The overarching goal for restoration companies like SERVPRO is to repair flood damage in Colorado Springs by removing excess moisture. We achieve this by forcing the liquid to evaporate into vapor form. Then, it gets collected from the atmosphere. For this reason, the variables in the drying pie are crucial considerations. Airflow, for example, is very important and the next section explains why.

Understanding Airflow
In simple terms, when fresh, clean air is moving over a wet surface, it forces the liquid to evaporate into the atmosphere at a faster rate. The concentration of liquid in the air increases, because the boundary layer at the evaporation surface actually reduces with flow velocity. The result is that the diffusion distance of the stagnant layer decreases too.

The Role Of Air Movers
SERVPRO uses motorized machines called air movers to maintain this consistent and controlled flow of clean air. They lift the boundary layer of wet air from the affected surface. Then, they direct air across the surface at speed in order to minimize vapor pressure. Generally, the greater the moisture contained in a material, the quicker the water evaporates.

However, we do not usually employ air movers on their own. There is a good reason for this. When combined with dehumidifiers, it becomes easier to achieve optimal evaporation speeds. Dehumidification equipment gives technicians greater control over vapor pressure. Without them, there is a need for huge amounts of air movement.

When multiple air movers get utilized, there is the added issue of heat energy to consider. Theoretically, excess heat produced by the machines should further the drying process, because the heat energy moves into the liquid particles. The energy is used to push the liquid into transitioning into vapor form.

To find out more about the importance of airflow and air movers for structural drying, get in touch with SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs. We deal with cases of flood damage all the time, and we know what it takes to bring a home back to life. Call us 24/7 at (719) 574-2789.

Never Become Complacent About Fire Damage Near Colorado Springs

4/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Never Become Complacent About Fire Damage Near Colorado Springs Resist the temptation to exacerbate the problem by taking on the cleanup as a do-it-yourself project.

Fire Damage

Even during a year where officials predict a low incidence of wildfire, significant fires in the recent past make homeowners aware of the devastation that is always just around the corner. Dry and windy weather combines with carelessness in your backyard, and fire quickly threatens your home. SERVPRO is by your side should the unthinkable happen.

The first time you grilled out this spring you allowed yourself to become distracted. Bad move. Your metal chimney ignited not only its load of hard, lump charcoal but also the dried grass around the grill. The blaze took off much faster than you thought possible, causing serious fire damage to your Colorado Springs home. An overhanging eave caught fire, and by the time the fire department arrived your porch was engulfed in flames.

Now extinguished, the fire damaged the walls and ceilings of your porch, and smoke and soot spread throughout the remainder of your house. A moment's worth of inattention resulted in a shocking amount of harm. Resist the temptation to exacerbate the problem by taking on the cleanup as a do-it-yourself project. The fire damage restoration technicians at SERVPRO stand ready to transform your odiferous and blackened sunroom back to the family friendly space you enjoyed previously.

Fire does more than send ash and black soot throughout your home. Your house's structure risks serious damage, water or chemicals used to extinguish the flames harm surfaces and soak into textiles and furnishings, and an acrid smell pervades every inch of the dwelling. SERVPRO staff trains extensively to clean, repair, restore, and deodorize your fire damaged home. All of these skills work together to return your happy home back to you and your family.

Our crew arrives, assesses the situation, and a plan quickly develops, concentrating on restoring as many original components of your home as possible. A precise methodology determines whether we use dry sponges or dusters, a spray and wipe technique, immersion or sonic waves to clean various items and surfaces. An orderly progression, based upon the fire restoration industry's best practices, results in the best outcome.

Our cleaning protocol brings your home back to life, but the smell of burning items and smoke lingers. Our restoration is incomplete until we use the deodorization techniques taught by industry experts to sweep away even the memory of the odor. We rely upon scientific removal of the particles that carry the smell rather than a coverup to eradicate the aromas to your satisfaction.

SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs honors your trust with a step by step fire damage restoration. Get the process going by calling our dispatchers at (719) 574-2789.

Mold Cleanup in Colorado Springs

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Cleanup in Colorado Springs Mold Remediation in Colorado Springs Needs Serious Help from SERVPRO

Call SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Infestations in Your Home or Business

If your home has experienced water damage due to roof or plumbing leaks, flooding, sewage back-up, overflows from bathtub or sinks, or high humidity, mold, and mildew can develop within just twenty-four to forty-eight hours of water exposure. Worse, it continues to grow and spread until steps are taken to eliminate the source of the moisture, and the mold is properly cleaned up by professionals such as SERVPRO.
Mold colonies or growths can begin growing on a damp surface in your Colorado Springs home quickly and create mold damage. They reproduce by spores, which are microscopic, seed-like substances which travel through the air. Molds eat organic materials, eventually destroying whatever they are growing on, then spreading to destroy organic materials nearby. Besides the damage molds can cause inside your home, they can create health effects as well.
When facing water damage, first turn off the main power in your home. If any wiring is moldy or wet, you should have an electrician check the electrical system before turning the power on again. You should not open the house to fresh air when the humidity outside is lower than inside while you wait for SERVPRO technicians to arrive. This mistake can allow mold spores to circulate to many other areas of your home. When we arrive, industrial tools and cleaners are used to find and clean the mold, plus dry the area. For fast drying, dehumidifiers and fans are utilized for the excess moisture unless the mold is growing already, as the fans can spread the existing mold.
All wet items are removed, such as bedding, furniture, rugs, carpeting, and toys. Moldy and wet carpeting may need to be discarded. We clean and disinfect other items, and all food products that are possibly contaminated must be tossed. Any wet or contaminated porous materials such as drywall, ceiling tiles, and wood by-products are also removed. We drain walls by removing the baseboard, and drilling holes close to the floor and paneling is dried by pulling up the edge at the bottom out from the studs. We then check the interior of the wall for hidden mold.
Before our technicians even get started, we ensure the area is well ventilated, and we wear protective gear including masks, gloves, and protective gear for the eyes. If mold is present, we clean a small test patch first. The entire area affected is disinfected after the cleanup is complete.
SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs is experienced and professionally trained to take care of your mold damage in a timely and thorough fashion. Mold cleanup cannot be done with bleach, so be sure to contact us at (719) 574-2789 for mold remediation.

Failing Gutters Can Create Water Damage in Your Colorado Springs Home

3/23/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Failing Gutters Can Create Water Damage in Your Colorado Springs Home When water damage strikes your home, our SERVPRO technicians will help fix the problem "Like it never even happened."

Your Colorado Springs Home Can Suffer Water Damage Caused by Failing Gutters 

Failing gutters on your home are a serious problem that can create water damage. Do not ignore the warning signs – look for shingles which curl up at the ends, missing shingles, excessive mold or staining on your home, gutters which are pulling away from your home and other warning signs. You need to stop the problem as soon as possible before it becomes a very expensive one. Any water damage that your failing gutters are creating can be fixed by the professionals at SERVPRO.

There are several things you can check for to help you decide if water damage in your Colorado Springs home is being created by faulty gutters. If you suspect any of these, have a professional come in right away to fix your gutters.

Signs of Faulty Gutters

If you see any visible cracks on the surface of the gutters, be aware that cracks lead to water leakage, which in turn creates water damage to your home. If you do not deal with the small cracks, they lead to larger cracks and worse damage. Paint peeling or flaking prematurely in areas close to the base of your home or on the gutters themselves is a major indicator that your gutters are leaking, as this causes the paint to peel.

Watermarks found directly below the gutters is also a problem because as water pours over the surface of your home, it is absorbed. As the sun dries the water, visible watermarks are left behind. Clogged gutters can also pose a problem. There could be certain areas of your gutters where debris and leaves are continually getting caught, which can be caused by debris collecting in a crack in the gutter. A gutter specialist can fix this issue.

Lastly, gutters pulling away from your home or downspouts which are disconnected from the gutter or your home means it is the likely time for new gutters.

When water damage happens from one of these issues involving your gutters, SERVPRO technicians have the right training and tools to fix the problem and clean up the water. Depending upon where the water damage in your home is, they use different drying methods and tools. They can dry behind and under cabinets if needed, and even behind wallpaper. However, the wallpaper itself may need to be taken down since vinyl wallpaper can create a barrier, preventing moisture transfer and not allowing the dehumidifier to do its job.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Having properly functioning gutters on your home is critical, so if you notice any problems with them, you should have them repaired right away. When water damage comes from malfunctioning gutters, SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs is standing by to help. Reach out to us anytime when you give us a call at (719) 574-2789, and we are out to your home as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. 

How to Stop Faulty Sump Pumps Causing Flood Damage in Colorado Springs Restaurants

3/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial How to Stop Faulty Sump Pumps Causing Flood Damage in Colorado Springs Restaurants Don't let a clogged or faulty sump pump close your eating establishment. Call SERVPRO quickly for great results.

SERVPRO Deals with Faulty Sump Pumps in Four Steps

There is a reason why busy cafes and restaurants are at a higher risk of flooding than some other businesses. In this type of building, good drainage is essential. Huge amounts of water are needed every day – for cooking and cleaning – and they have to be disposed of quickly.

It is why many restaurants have a fast moving, below-floor drainage system, with a float activated sump pump. It gets periodically drained, once the water rises above a certain level. Problems occur when cooking oils and organic waste make it into the drain. They clog up the channels, which commonly leads to commercial flood damage in Colorado Springs restaurants.

Keep reading to find out how the experts at SERVPRO deal with faulty sump pumps and flooded restaurants in the local area.

Step One: Inspect the Pump

The first step is to inspect the pump and identify the problem. If it is just a blockage, the process is quick, and the original pump can likely be used to extract the standing water.

If there seems to be a fault with the pump, SERVPRO has a portable extractor which can be used to remove the excess liquid. Once the water is no longer a problem, we can arrange for a sump pump repair.

Step Two: Start the Drying Process

Dehumidification is very effective, but it extracts water at a slower rate than other methods. It is why our technicians use as many accelerated techniques as possible before they bring in the dehumidifiers.

The good news is that restaurant drains are typically very shallow. They may cover the whole of the kitchen, but they do not extend very deep. The repair team can place air scrubbers (two in this case) inside the drain cavity to continue the extraction.

Step Three: Bring in the Dehumidifier

The importance of speed is not a safety issue, as the water is likely to be Category 1 or 2. However, as long as the drain is out of operation, the restaurant is dysfunctional and unable to perform at the required level. So, we have to get the area dried out quickly.

The best solution is a small capacity dehumidifier. It gets placed inside the drain cavity. For a small to medium sized restaurant, we would likely use a machine which extracts around 150 pints of moisture per day.

Step Four: Clean the Drain

It is not always necessary, but if there is a possibility of mold, SERVPRO treats the walls of the drain with an anti-fungal agent. In a restaurant, the risk of mold growth is slightly higher, because bits of organic waste inevitably end up in the water.

Normally, an air scrubber or deodorizer is needed if there is evidence of developing mold and unpleasant smells. If you notify our team of the problem quickly, this should not happen. It is only after 48 hours that Category 1 and 2 water sources start to stagnate and fill with bacteria and other nasty substances.

If your restaurant is struggling with drainage or flooding problems, you need help from the experts. SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs provides reliable, professional flood damage repairs. Call us 24/7 at (719) 574-2789.

Why Removing Contaminants Leftover from Flood Damage in Colorado Springs is Critical

2/23/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Why Removing Contaminants Leftover from Flood Damage in Colorado Springs is Critical Sewage and Flooding in Colorado Springs Rely on SERVPRO for Safe Removal

Trust SERVPRO in Colorado Springs to Safely Restore Your Flooded Property

When a town or city gets hit by floods, the clean-up process can last for months; even years, in some cases. It is because removing the standing water is only part of the job. Professional cleaning and drying are required, or homes begin to develop mold and other hazards.

It represents a huge job for local authorities, particularly when flood damage in Colorado Springs is extensive and covers many areas. So, to give your home the best chance of recovery, get in touch with SERVPRO. You should also contact your insurer, but know that you do not need to wait for advice from the local code enforcement or council before starting water removal and restoration.  In the case of rebuilding parts of your structure, you may very well require permits. Keep reading to find out why a speedy response is the right way to eliminate contaminants and mitigate the impact of flooding.

Understanding the Dangers
A multitude of hazards are related to serious flooding, but contamination is one which can be easily overlooked by homeowners. The amount of risk relates to the type of water which is intruding into the building. Natural flooding is a problem because there is no way to know for sure what it contains. As it passes through neighborhoods, it picks up chemicals, oils, heavy metals, pesticides, and sewage in some cases. So, SERVPRO treats all floodwater with extreme caution. Our approach to drying and cleaning is determined by the best way to remove contaminants, if it is feasible and safe.

Eliminating Mold and Bacteria
In the vast majority of cases, floodwater remains on the ground floor. It is unusual for upper floors to contain substantial amounts of standing water. If the higher parts of the house are completely untouched, the technicians block entryways with polyethelene sheeting to contain moisture, contaminants, and waterborne toxins.

All wet items must be cleaned and sanitized. Porous materials (like fabrics) are much harder to clean and require special treatment. They may be removed from the site and taken to our offsite cleaning facility. Our Esporta Washing System can restore most belongings, even stuffed animals. Alternatively, in the case of carpets, deodorizers may be used to disperse cleaning agents into the surface of the fabric. Typically, carpets are non-salvageable.

Foam cleaning is an option which works for materials that are sensitive to water (like wood and leather). They reduce the amount of liquid used and accelerate the drying process without compromising on effectiveness. Hand brushes are an excellent way to clean inside grooves and around the delicate features on cabinets, picture frames, and antiques. We can even partner with a reputable firm to restore artwork and antiques.

At SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs, flood damage restoration is comprehensive. We do more than just remove the water. We thoroughly clean and dry the affected area, so that all hazards get neutralized. Call us 24/7 on (719) 574-2789.

Which Tools are Used to Assess and Evaluate Water Damage in Colorado Springs Homes?

2/13/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Which Tools are Used to Assess and Evaluate Water Damage in Colorado Springs Homes? Water damage can severely affect your home. Take the time to call SERVPRO to mitigate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Use the Latest Tools in the Field of Water Detection

Water damage restoration involves more than just extracting and drying the wet areas. To do this successfully, technicians must first carry out rigorous assessments. They need to understand the extent of the leak or flooding and the specific requirements of the space.

No two homes are the same, and all cases of water damage in Colorado Springs are different. SERVPRO uses a range of moisture monitoring and evaluation equipment to determine the scale of the problem and keep track of the restoration. Consistent supervision is essential, as drying equipment requires regular checks and adjustments for optimal results.

Keep reading to find out more about the moisture testing and evaluation tools used by SERVPRO.

Moisture Metres

Moisture meters represent some of the simplest evaluation instruments. However, they are excellent at detecting hidden leaks and areas of concealed moisture. For example, if a pipe bursts inside a wall, the leak itself might not be visible.

To figure out what is causing the surface of the wall to feel cold and wet, the SERVPRO technicians have to take measurements. They may insert a pinhole reader a short distance into the plaster or drywall. The end of the instrument is very sensitive and detects water.

Infrared Cameras

While thermal cameras are costly and less likely to make an appearance than pinhole readers, they do make valuable tools in certain circumstances. In most cases, the source of the moisture is evident. It comes from a cracked pipe, a blocked drain, an overflowing toilet, or some other residential emergency. In cases where it is not clear, infrared cameras are good at detecting tell-tale changes in surface temperature.


The borescope has a lot in common with the pinhole reader, but it is a little more sophisticated. The shape is much the same. However, instead of there being a sensitive component at one end, there is an eyepiece. It gets inserted inside a surface, where a leak is suspected. The area under scrutiny could be inside a duct, an HVAC system, a plaster wall, or behind a cabinet.

If your home is a victim of residential flooding or you need repairs for a recent leak, we can help. At SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs, we are committed to helping Colorado Springs residents reverse the effects of water damage. Call us 24/7 on (719) 574-2789.

You Need Commercial Water Removal Services in Colorado Springs When There is a Burst Pipe at Your Tool and Die Shop

2/7/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial You Need Commercial Water Removal Services in Colorado Springs When There is a Burst Pipe at Your Tool and Die Shop The tools at your machine shop need special care after a water damage event. Call SERVPRO for the best remediation results.

SERVPRO Prioritizes Your Equipment and Products During Water Damage Remediation

Tool and die and other machining shop owners take many precautions to protect the equipment involved in the making of their products. The computers used in auto-cad are also invaluable to businesses such as these. Many items made are customized specifically for different customers. Final products may take some time being produced to the specific amount requested, and this can lead to the storing of inventory. When there is a source of water leaking into your shop, you need to protect everything from possible damage, and you need to start protecting it immediately.
With commercial water removal services from SERVPRO, you can protect your shop's contents in Colorado Springs. We will not stop at just ridding your floors of excess water – we will also help with moving items to a dry location or applying protective oil to metal parts and pieces you have produced. Any computer equipment can be handled by one of our partners who specialize in electronics that have been damaged by smoke, fire, or water. We will wait for these more delicate, but essential, items to be removed from your location before we begin to bring your shop back to a dry state.
Our technicians know how to use the newest hygrometers to determine how wet a location is. Comparing undamaged areas in your shop to those that have been saturated with water will provide the data needed to determine how many air blowers, heaters, and dehumidifiers will be required for the size of your business. We will use these same devices later, throughout the course of the drying process, to determine if your business's interior is becoming drier as per our expectations.
Where we place the equipment used to dry walls, floors, and everything else, and also to dehumidify the air, depends on the floor plan of your shop. Other aspects include the height of ceilings and their type, location of stairwells, corridors and hallways, and cabinet space. We will always strive to place our equipment in locations that will not impede your continued use of your facility while we work. If you find equipment that has been placed where it will hinder your employees or your equipment, please inform us and we will remedy the situation for you as quickly as we are able to.
When your business is saturated and you need to do more than a quick mop-up, call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789. We can get things back to normal again, in a safe manner that will protect your business and your employees.