Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Damage in a Security Rental

When a rental unit in the Security area is vacant for an extended amount of time water damage from leaks can cause mold growth. Wall a/c units can also drip con... READ MORE

Concealed Mold

Slow leaks. They usually aren't covered by insurance and many can be asymptomatic. That is what precisely happened to one of our clients. The plastic water s... READ MORE

Mold Damage Cleanup In Colorado Springs

Recently a homeowner in Colorado Springs contacted us regarding a mold damage issue. Upon arrival, our technicians needed to do a mold damage assessment to care... READ MORE

Mold creates homeowner headache

It's not often with our dry climate in Colorado Springs that people encounter problems with mold growing on their belongings. But that is precisely what happen... READ MORE

Colorado Springs Kitchen and Mold

The appliances, as illustrated in this Before Photo, have been removed and discarded to the rubble heap from this home in Colorado Springs. Mold growth continue... READ MORE

Kitchen in Colorado Springs Has Mold

Our SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs technicians began the remediation of a mold damaged kitchen with a complete demolition and discarding of the cabinets, app... READ MORE

South Colorado Springs Days Inn Water & Mold Dama

During the frigid weather in Jan-Feb 2013, an undiscovered leaking pipe resulted in a dual damaging event to this Days Inn Hotel. The leak allowed the prolifera... READ MORE