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There is a Bad Odor in My Colorado Springs Home after Flood Damage. What Steps Should I Take?

5/23/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged property When in need of specialist odor removal services, call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789.

Contact SERVPRO to Help You Clean up Your Colorado Springs Home and Eliminate the Odor

Following a flooding disaster in your Colorado Springs home, you may have to eliminate dirt, silt, mud, sewage other unwanted materials. Cleaning up the house is vital because it can prevent severe and costly destruction as well as discomfort or illnesses. When cleaning up your home, you also need to determine what is salvageable and what is not. If the flooding was widespread, you might need to rent a dumpster to make it easier to dispose of larger damaged items. You may also need to remove drywall, flooring, and insulation to prevent mold infestation and bad odors.

What’s the importance of eliminating bad odor?

When you hire SERVPRO technicians to handle the flood damage in your Colorado Springs residence, we can deliver solutions that address the issues at hand thoroughly and install trust in you. In these circumstances, trust complements the understanding of the unique problems that arise following flood damage. Equipped with this knowledge, our team can deliver the comprehensive solutions you expect. One typical complaint following flooding is a noticeable smell that can remain in a house long after restorers have addressed the physical damage.

Generally, dealing with unpleasant smells is not the first step that restoration professionals take, but it is an essential part of restoring your home to its preloss state. After experiencing property damage, homeowners usually want to rebuild their properties both physically and symbolically. If something still reminds you of the event, you may not feel at home once more.

If there is a musty smell in your home, it can distract you from concentrating on other matters.  The worst thing about foul odors is that they are usually an indicator of water damage and mold. Musty smells commonly occur in older houses, since decaying material also cause them. Bad odors can also be unhealthy if the air contains mold spores.

How does flooding cause odors?

Odors that result from flooding have unique characteristics and causes. The approaches required to remove them differ. Our SERVPRO technicians first seek to understand what is causing the smell. That is what determines the next steps to take towards removing it. Free-flowing floodwater can cause bad smell because it usually contains bacteria. The floodwater that comes into contact with porous items like mattresses, carpets, or upholstered furniture poses health risks. If you do not discard the porous items, the bacteria can emit an unpleasant, strong odor throughout your house.

Another reason for bad smells after flooding is failing to clean and dry a house effectively. Mold can grow in your home if it is not dried correctly, and it can cause health effects. Mold can cause an odor that is described as earthy, dank, damp, or stale. As mold grows and develops, it produces gases called microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs), which are the waste products of mold. We can remove the materials mold has damaged and dry out the affected area using air moving and dehumidifying equipment.

How can you combat the unpleasant smells?

To eliminate the odor, the first thing is to determine that is causing it and remove it. For instance, mold and bacteria in your house can smell, and it is not possible to eliminate the smell until you remove the mold and bacteria. The usual causes of odor in flood-damaged homes include:

    •    Moisture
    •    Trash
    •    Dead animals
    •    Sewage
    •    Dirt
    •    Pet waste

Our SERVPRO crew can remove the causes of the smell. Once we identify and remove the odor-causing items, we can use the multiple methods approach to eliminate it. We do this because it is challenging to find all the sources of smells and determine specific ways to fight each cause. We use multiple procedures as many times as necessary to produce the desired outcome. One kind of deodorizing agent may not work on all smells. So it is essential to use several types of deodorants to treat the many types of smells present in your house. The following are some of the types of deodorants we can use and how they work:

    •    Pairing agents – These products mix with odor particles and cause them to fall into surfaces to be cleaned up.
    •    Filtration and absorption agents – They absorb humidity, moisture, and some oils.
    •    Masking agents – They cover foul smells with a pleasant scent.
    •    Sanitizers and disinfectants – They inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Can you understand my expectations when it comes to eliminating odor?

Yes, we can understand your expectations because no restoration project is the same as the other. Our SERVPRO team can identify what you expect and use the information to deliver value for you. We know that you expect us to address the smell and eradicate it. We can ask you specific questions that offer insight into your unique expectations. Examples are:

    •    What smells worst to you?
    •    What concerns you the most about what you are smelling?
    •    What are the essential items that flooding affected in your house?

Your response to these questions can help us restore your home correctly and come up with solutions that ensure your long term satisfaction.

When in need of specialist odor removal services, call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789. With our years of training and experience, we can eliminate the smell to make it, “Like it never even happened.”

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