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Can I Save My Carpet After a Supply Line Break?

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

Air movers on carpet floor Residential water cleanup in Security, CO

Supply lines carry clean water from your home’s main water source to fixtures such as bathtubs and toilets. The connection to the main water line means that a broken supply line can deposit a huge volume of water onto your floor in a short time. Fortunately, water from a supply pipe break is considered to be “clean water,” which means your carpet can likely be saved.

What Is “Clean” Water?

Restoration experts classify water based upon the water’s contamination level.

Category One (“clean water”): This water comes from supply lines and is generally free from contaminants.
Category Two (“gray water”): This water may contain dirt, micro-organisms, and/or chemicals. Common sources of gray water are the used water from dishwashers or washing machines.
Category Three (“black water”): This water is highly contaminated and is considered a health hazard. Examples of black water are backed-up sewage systems or floodwater from overflowing lakes or rivers.

Most items can be cleaned and restored after contact with clean water.

What About Padding?
When cleanup begins within 48 hours after a supply pipe break, rugs and carpeting can usually be fully cleaned and restored. Padding, on the other hand, should always be replaced if it has gotten wet. It’s nearly impossible to fully extract all moisture and mold spores from wet floor padding, even with professional-grade equipment. In most cases, padding can be replaced without needing to replace the carpeting.

Do I Need To Call the Professionals?
Never attempt to restore wet carpeting yourself. Home vacuum cleaners and shop vacuums are not powerful enough to extract all moisture from wet carpet or the subfloor underneath. Restoration professionals have the correct equipment and training to remove all excess water and to ensure that the subfloor is fully disinfected before installing new padding or carpeting. Failure to remove water completely could lead to mold growth.
When water from a supply pipe break soaks your floors, call a professional restoration company in Security, CO, as soon as possible. Acting quickly is key to salvaging your carpet and other belongings.

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