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Properly Handling Mold Damage That Affects Colder Areas Like Colorado Springs

1/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Properly Handling Mold Damage That Affects Colder Areas Like Colorado Springs Mold can be readily visible or hidden. Leave it to SERVPRO to quickly detect.

SERVPRO Handles Mold Damage From Investigation to Remediation

Day after day, you enter your home and experience a rather stale, musty odor that catches your attention. You look around a bit each time but can't seem to find anything wrong. Incidents just like this have been happening off and on for several weeks, or even months. You have gone as far as checking inside drawers, cabinets and other storage areas, but can never locate a problem. Wondering why this odor appears some days, but vanishes the next? On certain days, especially in a cold climate like ours, mold spores can remain dormant in some regions of the home for months, waiting for the right conditions to exist. As temperatures fluctuate, there are times when the microscopic mold spores receive what they need to spread, and times when they do not. Each fluctuation advances or hinders mold growth in your walls, sending you warning signs via odor emanation.
If you are experiencing a similar situation in your Colorado Springs home, mold damage likely exists in the general area where you continually experience the scent. It is possible that you have mold growth inside of your walls, especially near constant moisture sources, such as sinks, drains or wash areas. It is important to have an expertly trained technician out to your house to perform an inspection and determine if any possible contaminants exist that may affect the health of your family.
SERVPRO technicians understand how mold spores behave and have a unique outlook towards the environment that exists in your home. While mold itself is a necessary part of our environment, having it invade our living spaces is intolerable. Therefore, we take the appropriate steps to mediate microscopic spores that exist in your home and attempt to teach you how to limit your exposure yourselves.
Leaky faucets, clogged sinks, sewage back-ups, plumbing or roof leaks, damp basements or crawl spaces, high indoor humidity, even fluctuations caused by cooking, drying clothes, or using humidifiers in your home, may create the perfect environment for microspores to flourish. The staff at SERVPRO can assist you with learning ways to avoid creating this type of environment.
What happens when you find visible mold in your home? You can always attempt to clean the area yourself. However, SERVPRO technicians highly suggest you avoid trying to do so. You could easily add to the problem if you handle the situation wrong, spreading the infestation to other areas that weren't already affected. Several different types of mold spores exist, and you need specialized training on how to properly handle each one.
Leave your mold remediation issues to SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs, call today. (719) 574-2789

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