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Prepare the Inside of Your Home To Avoid Water Damage

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Wet Carpet Water damage in an Security, CO home.

Finding water in the home is an unfortunately common occurrence, but you can still take steps to try to avoid it. Here are some things you can do in Security, CO, to prevent broken pipes and other typical water damage issues.

Tips and Tricks To Prevent Plumbing Problems

Use this checklist to take preventative action in your home. Some of these suggestions are helpful habits to incorporate into your day-to-day life. Others only need to be done once or twice a year.

• Instead of pouring grease down the drain, pour it into a can or jar to either upcycle or dispose of when full.

• Don’t use chemicals to unclog drains. The same ingredients that help to eat away at your drain blockage can also chew through your pipes. Instead, use some type of drain snake or augur for your pipe cleanup.

• Look up at your ceilings and even go up to your attic. Look down at the floor near your water sources such as sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Take note if any of these areas are prone to moisture or water in your home.

• Keep up with the maintenance for your major appliances such as sump pumps, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and water heaters. Slow leaks can sometimes do as much damage overall as a broken pipe.

• Pay attention to your average water bill. If it starts to climb or abruptly rises without reason, check for a leak. This is an easy way to be alerted to potential issues where you can take preemptive action prior to a full pipe cleanup.

What Now?

Even after preparing for water in home spaces, it is possible that something unforeseen can happen. When water damage happens, don’t fret. Consult your local restoration specialists and refer to the tips and tricks checklist to see if there is further preparation that can be done to avoid future issues.

4 Causes of Noisy Pipes and When You Should Worry

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

bald man covering his ears over gray background Noisy pipes are a nuisance.

Prevent A Pipe Break

Noisy pipes are a nuisance. There are many reasons your plumbing system may be making a racket. In addition to causing you to lose sleep, they can be an indication that something is going awry in your walls. Make sure you know the cause in order to prevent a pipe break.

1. Water Hammer
"Water hammer" is the term used to describe the phenomenon that occurs when your pipes have a fast-closing valve. This presents itself as a loud banging noise. There are several causes of water hammer, including:

  • Water in air chambers
  • High water pressure
  • Hard-working appliances
  • Loose pipes

While this is a common issue, it is one that needs to be addressed promptly. If not, this could cause excessive wear to your pipes. If you let a pipe break, you will have to:

  • Fix broken pipe
  • Repair parts
  • Address water damage

2. Obstructions and Narrowing
If the noise you're hearing is more of a whistling, this is common and probably due to narrowing or obstruction of your pipes. This can be due to mineral buildup in the plumbing system, causing higher pressure in the pipes. Again, this can lead to a pipe burst if unresolved.

3. Cold Weather
In the colder months, you may notice popping sounds during the dropping temperatures. This is likely due to thermal expansion. It depends on what material your pipes are made out of, but materials such as copper are intended to expand and contract dependent on the level of heat. You'll likely be using hot water, and the freezing pipes will crackle when it runs through. This isn't too concerning unless you hear one giant pop.

4. Leaks
Usually following any of these noises above, you will notice a water leak. On the other hand, your first indication could be a dripping sound. In either instance, you should contact your local water damage remediation experts in Colorado Springs, CO. An unaddressed water leak can lead to larger issues.
Now you know the different sounds your pipes can make. You know the possible causes. You have the information you need to prevent a pipe break.

Effective Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Irrigation System

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

watering lawn with sprinklers A well-maintained lawn depends on a thorough irrigation maintenance system.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Its Best

Keeping a well-maintained landscape and a plush, green lawn makes your business more appealing to clients and customers. You count on your commercial irrigation system to work when it’s needed. To keep your sprinklers in top working condition, however, they require routine irrigation maintenance.
There are several steps you should take to keep your lawn in Widefield, CO, looking its best.

1. Annual Inspections
Before you start up your sprinkler system in the Spring, you must check it carefully. This is the perfect time of year to hire an irrigation specialist to inspect the entire system for broken lines, leaks, and sprinkler heads that are misdirected.
The water management system should also be checked to ensure you aren’t wasting water.

2. Monthly Maintenance Checks
In addition to annual inspections, you should check the sprinklers on a monthly basis in the warmer weather. Foot traffic, bicycles, and even animals can cause a lot of damage to sprinkler heads. Look for cracked, missing, or clogged heads. Clean, repair or replace the problems right away.
Your irrigation maintenance plan should also look for sprinkler run-off. If an area of the lawn becomes too saturated, you must adjust the direction of the sprinkler heads. If the heads are not adjusted properly, this can create sprinkler flooding. Once this occurs, excess water may seep into the ground and cause flooding within your building.
If you ever discover flooding inside the premises, contact a water damage repair service as soon as possible to assess the damage and create a water damage remediation plan.

3. Additional Considerations
Consider installing water pressure equipment to help regulate your sprinkler system’s water pressure. Some parts of the lawn may also require differing amounts of water. Adjust each zone to meet the needs of that area.
A well-maintained lawn depends on a thorough irrigation maintenance system. Following a few simple steps will help keep your landscaping in top shape.

3 Tips for After a Home Flood

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

air movers placed on carpet Residential water cleanup in Security, CO

3 Tips for After a Home Flood

There's nothing worse than the sight of a broken pipe, flooded basement, or soaking wet possessions. If your home in Security, CO, has suffered from flooding, it can feel overwhelming, but with the right ideas in mind, your home is well on its way to being good as new.

1. Don't Touch Anything
Even if the damage in your home looks minor, hidden electrical wires and waterlogged drywall cause big safety issues. It's best to leave the dangerous work to the professionals. Many people don't realize how dangerous water in homes can be. Think of water damage in the same light you view fire damage: Unpredictable and risky. It may be tempting to wade in and recover a precious item but don't.

2. Schedule Repairs
Before the cleanup can get started, the source of the water must be found and stopped. If you suspect a broken pipe, call a plumber to get it fixed.

3. Call a Professional
After the leak has been repaired, it's time to call in the experts in water damage cleanup to restore your home to normal. With the right equipment, the pros restore homes to a pre-flooded state within a few days. Among several other processes, one of the most important steps that an expert takes is the removal of water from the walls and ceilings. Waterlogged drywall is a serious issue that can lead to collapse, but professionals will save as much as possible by drying the area. Most also employ industrial fans and heaters to dehumidify the area. Along with this, they also test for hidden moisture behind walls. Both of these steps help prevent the growth of mold. A specialist also comes equipped to dry your furniture and other personal items.
Whether it's a broken pipe or another source of water damage, with the right knowledge, you can quickly return your home to normal.

Can I Save My Carpet After a Supply Line Break?

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

Air movers on carpet floor Residential water cleanup in Security, CO

Supply lines carry clean water from your home’s main water source to fixtures such as bathtubs and toilets. The connection to the main water line means that a broken supply line can deposit a huge volume of water onto your floor in a short time. Fortunately, water from a supply pipe break is considered to be “clean water,” which means your carpet can likely be saved.

What Is “Clean” Water?

Restoration experts classify water based upon the water’s contamination level.

Category One (“clean water”): This water comes from supply lines and is generally free from contaminants.
Category Two (“gray water”): This water may contain dirt, micro-organisms, and/or chemicals. Common sources of gray water are the used water from dishwashers or washing machines.
Category Three (“black water”): This water is highly contaminated and is considered a health hazard. Examples of black water are backed-up sewage systems or floodwater from overflowing lakes or rivers.

Most items can be cleaned and restored after contact with clean water.

What About Padding?
When cleanup begins within 48 hours after a supply pipe break, rugs and carpeting can usually be fully cleaned and restored. Padding, on the other hand, should always be replaced if it has gotten wet. It’s nearly impossible to fully extract all moisture and mold spores from wet floor padding, even with professional-grade equipment. In most cases, padding can be replaced without needing to replace the carpeting.

Do I Need To Call the Professionals?
Never attempt to restore wet carpeting yourself. Home vacuum cleaners and shop vacuums are not powerful enough to extract all moisture from wet carpet or the subfloor underneath. Restoration professionals have the correct equipment and training to remove all excess water and to ensure that the subfloor is fully disinfected before installing new padding or carpeting. Failure to remove water completely could lead to mold growth.
When water from a supply pipe break soaks your floors, call a professional restoration company in Security, CO, as soon as possible. Acting quickly is key to salvaging your carpet and other belongings.

When To Replace Damaged Carpeting

10/12/2020 (Permalink)

air movers placed on carpet Drying equipment in a Security, CO home

Reasons To Replace Your Damaged Carpeting 

If you clean your home's carpeting frequently in Security, CO, you will extent its life. Unfortunately, when a certain unplanned event occurs, you may need to replace the carpeting much sooner than you had planned. For example, flooding caused by a pipe break or a defective water heater can damage the flooring to the extent that it must be thrown away. Let's look in more detail at a few of the reasons for replacing your damaged carpeting.

1. Water Damaged Carpeting
Once water seeps through to the carpet padding, mold begins to grow. Call a water damage repair person as soon as possible to evaluate the situation. In the case of a pipe break or other water event, the water source must be completely shut off. The professional determines whether the carpeting and padding can be salvaged. If restoration is possible, the expert will safely dry and clean the entire area and then apply antimicrobial treatments to discourage the growth of mold.

2. Smelly Carpeting
Pets, in particularly, are the source of many lingering odors in the flooring. Urine and other pet smells must be cleaned up immediately with soap and water. If the smell doesn't diminish after the cleaning, this likely indicates that the odor has seeped into the padding or the subfloor. A professional should assess the situation to determine whether the flooring must be replaced.

3. Stained Carpeting
Many carpeting stains can be removed with carpet cleaner. Some stains, however, are impossible to clean. If stains aren't handled right away, the offending substance can seep into the padding, allowing mold and mildew to build up under the surface. This will require a professional to examine and determine the best solution.
Whether you are dealing with a pipe break or an unfortunate spill, your carpeting deserves immediately attention. Let an expert help you decide what route is best for you.

The Risks of Category One Water Damage

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

Wet carpet Commercial water damage in Security, CO

Learn About Several Hazards Associated With Category One Damage

Category One water damage involves clean water. A broken supply line can cause property damage and pose health and safety risks to the occupants of a commercial building in Security, CO, particularly if the problem is not observed and dealt with in a timely manner. Learn about several hazards associated with Category One damage.

Moisture Damage
Moisture is the primary risk posed by clean water. Water dampens or saturates materials and causes them to degrade, particularly delicate contents such as paper documents. The following factors are also associated with Category One Water damage:

  • Corrosion on metal
  • Intensified damage after extinguishing a fire
  • Mold
  • Wood rot

It is important to use the right tools to extract moisture. For minor damage, this may include a mop and bucket or wet vac. Damage cleanup professionals can recommend the best pump to extract standing water.

Mold Growth
Fungi require moisture and nourishment to grow, and clean and contaminated water are both viable sources. Contaminated water may introduce fungi and other microbes to a structure, but even treated water from a broken pipe or leaking supply line creates a conducive environment for airborne spores to settle down and multiply.

Deteriorating Quality
Just because water damage starts out as Category One does not mean it stays at that level. Treated water becomes contaminated over time, and Category One damage can become Category Two or gray water within just a few days. The same water can degrade further and become Category Three or black water.
Clean water can cause damage within minutes or hours of leaking or standing in a building in Security, CO. Building materials and contents become damp and then saturated. Over time, this may introduce chemicals and microorganisms that lead to Category Two damage. Quickly extracting water, cleaning, and drying the affected area is necessary to preserve the condition and safety of any structure.

How Can Water Impact Porous Materials in Your Colorado Springs Home?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used in water damaged room; flood cuts along walls to enable drying No mattter if your water loss event is big or small, SERVPRO can restore your home.

Understanding How Water Behaves in a Loss Incident can Show the Ways our SERVPRO Professionals can Implement Effective Drying Practices. 

The movement of moisture in water in your Colorado Springs home can vary from one circumstance to the next. While there are typically only a few migration avenues that water damage can take, understanding the present conditions can help to ensure that our technicians arrive with the right tools and personnel to address the concerns. Water losses can quickly get out of control without the appropriate mitigation actions taken immediately when our SERVPRO team first reaches the damaged address.  

What Are the Four Mechanical Processes for Moisture Movement? 

The movement of water damage in Colorado Springs homes is the situation that must get carefully identified by our project manager and crew chief conducting a job scoping phase before restoration begins. As a principle, water enters materials in two ways. Either water comes in direct contact with the materials and becomes absorbed or can become absorbed through an excess of moisture and humidity in the environment. In these ways, the four mechanical processes play a role and how drying ultimately occurs:  

  • Liquid Flow – What people think of when they consider water migration because the liquid flow is the natural movement of moisture in its fluid form. 
  • Capillary Suction – This mechanical process is when liquid moisture travels through small pores in materials to impact both these elements and cavities behind wall systems. 
  • Vapor Diffusion – Water can become vapor and use its gaseous composition to pass through materials. The permeability of a material determines how quickly vapor diffusion can occur. 
  • Air Movement – Higher humidity conditions and moisture content in the air can impact materials exposed.  

Knowing how water moves through your home can help our SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs team provide efficient drying and recovery options. Contact us today at (719) 574-2789.

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Preventing Water Damage

4/28/2020 (Permalink)

sump pump Installing a sump pump can help with water in the basement. Call SERVPRO if you have water damage!

An Option for Water in Your Basement

Living in geographic areas where there are basements means always acknowledging the possibility that you may be prone to a wet basement. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than 60% of homes have issues with water in their basement. Suffice it to say; you are not alone.
Water removal in Colorado Springs can be stressful when a water event strikes. However, with SERVPRO at your disposal, our water removal specialists can help you get back into your home anytime you have a water event. However, rather than focusing on response, let’s talk a little about prevention.
Sump Pumps: How They Are Used
Sump pumps can be an extremely effective option for preventing water damage and negating the need for water removal. If you are one of the 60% of homes who have water issues in your basement, this is a great investment to make into your home.
The installation of sump pumps occurs in the basement of a home. Installed inside of a pit in your basement, these units can sense the rise of water in the pit. Once it senses that water is approaching floor level, the incoming water is siphoned off and pumped outside of your home before it can leak inside and damage your structure, furniture, and flooring. The pump does all the work so that you do not have to.
The great thing about sump pumps is that they are pretty low maintenance devices. To keep yours in great shape, take three or four times a year to check the inlet screen to make sure that it is not clogged with debris. Check the pit as well and make sure mud and small pebbles or stones are removed too. Outdoors, you should check to see what water is being pumped away from your home and where it is flowing (ideally, well away from your home).
The float component is a crucial part of the sump pump. The sump pump float component detects the water level, and when it rises, it begins the process of pumping water away from your basement and home. This part must work correctly. Lastly, check the discharge line itself to ensure that it has not stopped up.
The best thing you can do to maintain your sump pump is once a year, disconnect the pump from its power source (safely), and remove the unit itself. Flush the unit with water to get rid of debris, contaminants, and anything else that it has kept away from your home that year. Clean the pit as well, once you have removed the pump. Reinstall the pump, reconnect the power source, and make sure the unit starts up by pouring a bucket of water into the pit.
That is it! This will make sure your sump pump is in excellent condition to take on the new year. Having a sump pump in your basement is a long-term precaution against flooding that can make it unnecessary to have to resort to clean up after every heavy thunderstorm.
Contact Us 24/7
Preventative measures can cost you less headache, heartache, and money in the long run. However, if you have experienced an emergency and are in need of water removal, call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789. Our Emergency Service lines are available to take your call 24/7.

Broken Appliances Cause Flooding to Your Colorado Springs Residence

4/26/2020 (Permalink)

water on kitchen floor from dishwasher If your appliance fails and dumps water on your kitchen floor, it is time to contact SERVPRO. Call right away for best results.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Ready to Dry Out Your Home After a Flooding Situation

The appliances in your Colorado Springs home have gotten purchased to make your life a little bit easier. While for the most part, this is the case, there are instances in which these machines can make your life considerably more stressful and costly, namely when they malfunction and cause flooding to their immediate surroundings.

While there are likely very few people in the area that do not have appliances in their homes, those that do always run the possible risk of allowing flood damages into their Colorado Springs residence. Typically, this is a result of aging and degradation, which can allow individual components to behave sluggishly or stop altogether. This failure allows for washing machines to fill indefinitely, for dishwashers to leak out onto the floor and so on.  

Fortunately, you have SERVPRO to help you through any of the disasters that your appliances might cause within your home. We can quickly assess the damage that you face and formulate a strategy to help restore these concerns. With appliance failure, one of the first steps that we take is to ensure that the supply to the machine has gotten shut down to prevent further damages while restoration gets underway.

Once the source of the water has been found and stopped, our team can then get to work on extracting the water from the affected area. The process usually involves portable pumps and wet-vacs with extraction wands. This process allows for drying efforts to begin, which is a critical part of the process.

Once the area has gotten successfully dried, our SERVPRO professionals can inspect the construction materials of your home and structural components for severe damages that could require removal and replacement to complete the restoration process.

Flood damages might not be something that most homeowners in the area consider to be much of a threat, but appliances can always be a wild card.

If you are dealing with accidental flood damage to your home, our SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs team of restoration specialists can help. Give us a call today at (719) 574-2789.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

ceiling leaking and man holding yellow pages Whenever water damage results from a pipe break, the good thing is that the water ruining your home is clean.

Water Damage Restoration

Sometimes when it gets cold outside, your pipes inside your Colorado Springs house freeze and break causing water to spill into your structure. Whenever water damage results from a pipe break, the good thing is that the water ruining your home is clean.

If the water that gets into your dwelling is clean, then it is possible that the situation gets mitigated without removing any building materials. A professional crew such as SERVPRO's water damage experts in Colorado Springs are always available to mitigate your problem. In some cases, involving clean water, nothing requires removal, and the problem gets fixed with extraction and drying.

In water damage scenarios, SERVPRO's IICRC certified team starts the process by securing the area and making certain there are no potential safety hazards in the damaged region. Any standing water that is two inches or deeper gets pumped out using water pumps. Next, our crew uses moisture testing equipment to test the carpet, floors, walls, and ceilings.

When it comes to flood damage, our Colorado Springs team then removes and blocks all furniture in the damaged area. Next, we extract water from carpet and hard surface flooring. Then the carpet gets pulled up, and water gets extracted from the pad and sub-floor. In many cases, the carpet padding gets removed.

Next, our specialists disinfect and spray surfaces with an anti-microbial and deodorization chemical. After that, the drying process begins. First, air movers get set up and positioned to deliver rapid airflow to all wet surfaces. Then dehumidifiers get set up to fill the room up with warm and dry air. Our experts use IICRC recommendations to determine how many air movers and dehumidifiers to set up in each damaged area.

We then turn on the drying equipment and leave it set up until moisture levels are back to normal conditions. Once dry, we come back to your place and remove all the drying equipment. The last step is to clean and deodorize the area before we officially finish the project.

A few steps must be carried out correctly for proper water damage mitigation to occur. To make sure your problem is mitigated the right way call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 for help twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

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SERVPRO Says--Call Us Fast for Water Loss Mitigation in Colorado Springs

2/21/2020 (Permalink)

washing machine hookup water lines A Loose Water Line Connection on Your Colorado Springs Washing Machine Can Cause a Water Loss--Call SERVPRO

Water Damage in Your Colorado Springs Home

There is no question that Colorado Springs is a great place to build a family and to build a life. You can live, work, and play right here in this great Colorado city. However, one of the most significant disruptions would be incurring water damage, and it can come from some surprising places.

This is a disruption to your life that you cannot put off. The water damage to your Colorado Springs property could occur from the most innocuous of sources, including from the drain lines of your usually trustworthy washing machine. Nine times out of ten, your laundry equipment will operate just fine. However, all it takes is one broken line, and then not only is your laundry room totally drenched, but the water often intrudes directly on the tiled floor of your utility closet and then flow down your finely-carpeted hallway.

What to do?
The first step is to call SERVPRO right away.
Our team is dedicated to helping you get your life back after any water catastrophe. Naturally, you might think that we only operate within the confines of just major floods, but that isn't true. Yes, we are very comfortable with plumbing mishaps such as yours, simply because this issue is much more common than you would think. Consider some of the following characteristics of our team:

Many team members have invaluable training and accreditations from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.) Many our SERVPRO technicians have completed training classes such as the Certificate in Applied Structural Drying (ASD), which can be beneficial for homeowners who need a steady hand. Moreover, if your water loss has developed mold or mildew, your restoration project may need the guidance of our Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT) project manager or crew chief. We take this job every bit as seriously as those Air Force pilots taking off from Peterson Air Force Base!

We have advanced water removal equipment.
Our water removal equipment is top-notch and includes industrial wet/dry vacuums for quick water removal, moisture detectors to determine the level of water saturation, and even an infrared camera to aid us in finding water "hiding" behind drywall.

Call Us Today
If you are facing a water emergency or a small spill, contact SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789. We can help you get your life back.  

5 Ways to keep your pipes from freezing

2/11/2020 (Permalink)

frozen water on outdoor water facet don't allow your outdoor facets to freeze!

All over the state of Colorado, we have been seeing much cooler temperatures this winter season than in the past. 

If you're a new homeowner than winterization is something you've most likely heard of but you are probably unfamiliar with the process since in the past your landlord or apartment maintenance team has taking care of winterization or giving you the advice on your specific rental. 

If you now own your home, Congratulations! Homeownership is everyone's dreams and you're wanting to protect it at any cost so we've provided 5 simple steps on preventing water damage from frozen water pipes/lines.

1) Leave faucets dripping

If the temperatures have dropped into a freezing temperature (32? is considered the freezing point) turning on your faucets -- both indoors and out -- this can keep water moving through your systems and slow down the freezing process. There's no need to waste gallons of water aim for about five drips per minute.

2) Open Cabinet Doors

During cold weather, open any cabinet doors covering plumbing in the kitchen, laundry room, & bathrooms where you can visually see the water lines. Also, be sure to check in other typically unheated spaces like an attic, crawl space, and garages. Opening the cabinet doors allows the home's warm air to better circulate, which can help prevent the exposed piping from freezing. While this won't help much with pipes hidden in walls, ceilings, or under the home, it can keep water moving and limit the dangerous effect of freezing weather.

3) Wrap your pipes

If your pipes are already on their way towards freezing or have frozen in the past (tell-tale signs include water damage, mold, and moisture build-up), it's probably because of inadequate or improperly installed insulation. It might well be worth the cost to hire a professional and open up the wall and beef up the insulation. Any exposed pipes in crawl spaces, attics or garages can be covered with an inexpensive foam pipe insulation for moderately cold climates. If you're in a more severe climate, opt for wrapping problem pipes with thermostatically controlled heat tape, which will turn on at certain minimum temps.

4) Leave the heat at 65 or higher

If you plan on leaving your house, even for the day while you're at work and are trying to cut down on your utility bill make sure you're setting your thermostat at 65? or higher - if set any lower for extended periods of time it could result in pipes freezing and possibly bursting to leave you with a mess to come home too.

5) Shut off the water if pipes are frozen

Pipes already have frozen? Turn off the water immediately (hopefully, you know where the master shut-off is, but if not, now's the time to find it!)

also, be sure to shut off power to your house, DO NOT go into a room with standing water if your electricity is still turned on. 

Make sure to then close off any external water sources, like garden hose hookups. This will prevent more water from filling the system, adding more ice to the pile, and eventually bursting your pipes, which is your worst-case scenario. This also will help when the water thaws, the last thing you want after finally fixing your frozen pipes is for water to flood the system and ultimately your home.

After all these tricks if you still end up with a leak or water in your home at any point, day or night, be sure to call your local SERVPRO (open 24/7/365) to come to start the drying process ASAP - even in colder temperatures mold can grow in as little as a few days, based on the environment it is in. SEVRPRO also works with insurance providers to keep your disaster under control and help get your home back on track.

Restoring Your Water Damaged Colorado Springs Home

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home Residential properties that use wooden floorboards can significantly benefit from our diverse approach to equipment in restoration.

Using Portable Heaters with Drying Tents to Restore Water Damage from your Colorado Springs Home

Water harms natural materials. Unfortunately, exposure of structural elements like floorboards is very likely when your pipes burst or otherwise malfunction. Sitting water degrades over time, while natural materials tend to absorb moisture and expand. This expansion is visibly noticeable in the form of buckling or cupping. However, with the correct procedure, your home can become dry again, giving the material floorboard damages a chance of restoration.

Encountering water damage in your Colorado Springs home is going to be an unexpected and debilitating experience. Taking decisive action against it can make a significant difference to the expense of your claim. After phoning your insurer and shutting off the water supply, if possible, you can reach out to SERVPRO to arrange a visit. SERVPRO is an expert restorer with a strong reputation in dealing with water-related incidents for residential and commercial buildings. Our technicians train to the highest standards with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications (IICRC.)

Essential to recovering your home after water issues are to dry the property by encouraging evaporation. Raising the temperature of your property speeds up the drying process but also can risk certain materials. Using aggressive temperatures and airflow can cause permanent harm to natural materials in the home, like floorboards. SERVPRO technicians have the expertise that allows them to think on their feet and tailor each restoration to your unique property.

Portable electric heaters can be useful in drying floorboards. Rather than directing heat throughout a property, these heaters are capable of drying a specific area. Typically, portable heaters use heating coils, which can then transfer onto airflow. To set up a heater, our technician must first create a small drying zone using six mil plastic held down with sandbags. As heated air is passed into the drying zone, it inflates the plastic sheeting to create a drying tent. This process can help to limit the risk of fire as well as damaging other areas of the home.

Residential properties that use wooden floorboards can significantly benefit from our diverse approach to equipment in restoration. Contact SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789.

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Our Water Damage Experts Can Save Delicate Items In Colorado Springs

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

water causing damage in home Quick action can help reduce losses incurred from water loss incidents.

Saving Delicate Items Affected by Water Damage Incidents in Colorado Springs

When there is a water spill, some items in the house are more prone to damage because of their structure and material composition. Some actions can help save the items if taken promptly after discovering water damage.

How Water Damages Carpets
If there is a carpet in the area hit by water damage in your Colorado Springs home, you might end up disposing of it if you do not take any action. Common problems include delaminating, whereby the backing separates from the rest of the material due to water action. Stains can also develop, especially if there are other items such as furniture resting on carpeted areas.

Saving Wet Carpets
Saving the carpet from water damage takes several actions, including removing items that can cause stains immediately after the spill. Our SERVPRO technicians expedite water extraction to reduce the exposure time using sophisticated equipment such as truck-mounted extractors and other high-speed pumps, which minimizes chances of delaminating. Depending on the amount of water spilled, we can do in-place drying. Floating the carpet helps ensure even drying on the bottom surface of the carpet, reducing the chances of mold developing.

Hardwood floor
Water spills on hardwood floors might necessitate replacement of the entire floor, which is quite costly. When wood absorbs significant amounts of water, it swells. Because they are tightly packed, the floorboards buckle at the joints to accommodate the swelling. Apart from reducing the time wood has to absorb water through fast extraction, our SERVPRO technicians also use specialized moisture control methods such as drying, setting up a drying chamber over the floor surface.

Wet Insulation
Wall materials such as drywall and insulation lose structural integrity when they absorb water. Drywall crumbles when wet, while insulation loses R-value. Although it is rarely possible to save these materials after they are wet, stopping the damage from spreading further from affected areas through wicking is necessary. Our water restoration crews from SERVPRO make flood cuts removing all the wet wall materials.

Quick action can help reduce losses incurred from water loss incidents. Call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 to help save some items affected by the incident, “Like it never even happened.”

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Before the Water Damage Happens in Security: Signs Your Water Heater is Failing

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

Hot water heater with a leak, with tools and copper pipes. Water damage in your Security home due to a hot water heater can get bad, let us help.

SERVPRO will be there every step of the way for you Security water damage.

Water damage from a broken water heater can ruin a home quickly. Fortunately, before they break, these appliances give off warning signs their service life is coming to an end.

Homeowners in Security can avoid water damage from their hot water tank if they pay attention to some of the most common issues that arise before failure, such as:

  • There is only cold water emitted from the tap.
  • The water gets warm but never hot and goes cold quickly.
  • The water heater rumbles or knocks
  • The hot water has a muddy look from the tap.
  • The water from the tank appears to be rusty.
  • You notice a metallic smell or taste, especially when taking a shower or bath.
  • There is noticeable water leaking from the water heater.
  • Your water has a metallic smell or taste.
  • Water is leaking around your water heater.

Expect a Large Amount of Water

A small water tank holds on average around 50 to 60 gallons of water; larger residential sizes run 80-gallons or more. Now, imagine that water on your floor. When the location of the tank is in an upper story in the home, the amount of water on the floor can quickly affect the ceiling and things in lower levels of the house. 

Common Issues to Avoid

Fast extraction is necessary to limit the damage to the home. SERVPRO technicians use their detection equipment to determine if the water is within the floor joists or wall cavities, requiring additional actions such as removal of baseboards or weep holes to assist with drainage. 

After water removal and drying, SERVPRO technicians assess the property for the potential for mold damage. With their Mold Remediation certification #118604, they know the early warning signs of mold infestations and actionable steps to take to avoid through the use of monitoring humidity levels and the application of antimicrobials cleaning agents and sealants as needed.

At the first sign of water damage, contact SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789. The technicians are available 24/7 to restore your home to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

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The Real Truth Behind Water Damage Remediation Success in Security

9/22/2019 (Permalink)

Black Mold Damaged Room Corner Water damage and a mold infestation often times go hand in hand. Contact SERVPRO to remediate water damage and to possibly help prevent mold.

Water Damage in Security – Mold Remediation and Prevention

Mold is always a concern whenever there is damage from water leaks or floods. Within 48 hours, mold can begin to grow and cause health effects. There are mold spores everywhere in low concentrations. However, warmth and moisture are perfect breeding grounds for mold.

SERVPRO provides water damage services in Security along with mold remediation and prevention. We respond immediately to your call and formulate a plan to manage the water damage recovery and restoration. We understand that standing water should be removed immediately and drying activities implemented to prevent mold growth.

The crew chief can assess the water damage and deploy pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers to dry your home before mold can begin to establish colonies. Homeowners can also turn on their AC systems to help with the drying process unless there is extensive mold growth. SERVPRO can guide you in this process.

Mold Remediation

Spaces containing extensive mold contamination should be isolated, and negative pressure established to contain any spores disturbed within the room and extracted to the outside. SERVPRO can clean non-porous surfaces with appropriate cleaning solutions. We remove items with porous surfaces that are contaminated significantly with mold. Drywall, carpeting, fabrics, and insulation are typical porous items found in homes. They may require removal. Heavy exposures may require the removal of compromised structures such as wood framing.

Mold Prevention

Mold is present everywhere. Eliminating all mold is impossible. However, it can be controlled and prevented from establishing colonies which can cause health effects. Moisture levels in your home should be kept at 45% or lower to avoid mold in the air, becoming a significant issue in your home. AC systems and dehumidifiers can be utilized to control the humidity levels in various spaces in your home.

SERVPRO is a licensed mold remediation contractor (License #: 118604) mold remediation and restoration services.

Call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 for 24/7 serve. We serve the towns of Widefield, Cimarron Hills, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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The Water Damage Remediation Plan in Colorado Springs That Wins Over Customers

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

Overflowing appliances can cause serious water damage if left unattended. Contact the remediation specialists at SERVPRO today.

Water Damage Colorado Springs – Overflowing Toilet

When toilets leak, the leak may not be noticed until there is water everywhere. The first step is to always shut the water valve off located to the side or just behind the toilet. Once the water is turned off, the damage can at least be contained. Use towels or whatever you have to block the water from seeping behind the walls or out the doorway to other rooms. 

Call SERVPRO for water damage in Colorado Springs for help. We can respond quickly and contain the damage from your leaking toilet. Water leaks should be considered an emergency due to the potential of extensive damage to flooring and walls. Our technicians initially inspect the area to assess the type of water and the extent of the damage. A planned response includes:  

  • Mopping up any standing water that may have leaked onto the floor.
  • Verify the location of the leak and make necessary repairs before turning the valve on again
  • SERVPRO technicians can sanitize the area if needed
  • Remove excess water from carpeting and other porous surfaces
  • Evaluate whether content such as carpeting can be dried and restored. If not, it must be removed and replaced. The decision depends on the porosity of the material and whether the material can be dried in place. For example, it may be difficult to dry porous materials sufficiently to avoid warping of hardwood or the growth of mold

Since this situation involves clean water, affected non porous flooring can be dried and surface cleaned. It is important to act quickly. Even clean water can degrade and become a source of bacteria and viruses if left untreated. 

Our technicians can also restore your home to its original condition by replacing carpeting and flooring as needed. We also work closely with your insurance company to provide all of the appropriate information needed to administer your insurance claim. 

We are strategically located to respond quickly to your flood damaging event. Call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 for 24/7 service. We also serve Widefield, Cimarron Hills and several more local communities in the area. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster in your area. 

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Answered: Your Burning Questions About Water Damage Remediation in Colorado Springs

5/18/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage accumulates quickly and can be detrimental. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Save Your Data From Water Damage With The Assistance of SERVPRO!

In the digital age, your personal data is more important than ever, however, it is also extremely fragile. Water damage can corrupt the data stored on your precious electronics and electronic media. Your paper files, too, are at risk of being completely destroyed by water. Books and documents can be rendered unreadable if left in water for too long. If you have electronics and documents at risk of being lost, then call the professionals at SERVPRO to get on the path to data preservation.

SERVPRO technicians are your first line of defense against water damage and can minimize further damage to media in your Colorado Springs home. Whether it is paper, electronics, or electronic media, we are experienced in a variety of techniques for saving your property. However, not all types of media were created equal, and some are more difficult than others to save. Paper documents and books are often the most difficult type of media to preserve in the case of water damage. They must be completely frozen and dried through sublimation, where the water affecting the paper is turned from ice into gas.

Electronics can be more easily preserved with simple water removal and dehumidification techniques. We can remove standing water from electronics, seal them in plastic bags, and dehumidify them while monitoring temperatures to ensure that dew does not condense on the electronics. This assists qualified electronics restorers in their jobs, raising the chance of you being able to recover your data. Electronic media can be similarly dealt with and our techs can dehumidify electronic media to help preserve them for specialized electronics cleaning/repair services.

It should be noted that non-SERVPRO specialty electronics cleaning/repairs services will likely be needed in addition to the services SERVPRO can provide in preservation of electronic media.

We know that your data is important. If your personal data is at risk of being ruined by water damage, then call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789.

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Smell Something Funny? It Might Be Water Damage

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

If you smell something funny in your home, you might want to call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs for a free inspection.

How To Spot Water Damage in Your New South Colorado Springs Home

Do you know when to be worried about a funny smell? Most new homeowners are not water damage specialists, but the human nose is an excellent tool for sniffing out trouble. Your nose is not the only way to spot water damage in your new home. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and can help handle any moisture problems you may discover after moving in.

The sooner you notice a problem, the sooner you can call us to help mitigate ongoing damages. With spring coming in South Colorado Springs, some water damage will be easier to spot. When you notice a problem, a highly trained SERVPRO professional can assess the extent of your damages. We can use our specialized equipment to remedy the issue fast.

What should you keep an eye out for when you do your spring cleaning? Start at the top. When looking for roof damages, obvious water stains aren't the only problem. Swollen insulation is usually an indication of water retention. Check your flashing (where the roof meets the walls) for cracks and look for missing shingles as well as more obvious signs like holes. Look at door frames and molding. Unusual stains or dark spots on the walls can mean trouble.

Inside, make sure you check your appliances after you move in to be certain they are not leaking where you cannot see easily behind them. Cracked hoses and loose connections can be tricky. Ripples, buckling, and changes in texture can tell you the flooring has a water problem. Remember to trust your nose. If it smells wrong, it probably is.

Outside water damages and mold are often caused by improper drainage. Check your spouts to see that they are clear and make sure you do not have water pooling around the foundation of your new home. At the first sign of damage, you can call SERVPRO.

No one wants to find water damages in their new home this spring. If you do, SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs is available at (719) 574-2789 24 hours a day. We can make things “Like it never even happened.” so you can relax in your new house.

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Water Damage and Frustration

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let your house go down without a fight.

Water damage can be a huge frustration to most. Following the proper water damage removal steps can greatly reduce the stress from the situation.

  • Locate the water shut off ASAP. If you are not able to locate the water shut off call a plumber immediately and try and divert the water as much as possible and remove invaluable items off the floor.
  • Removing the water can sometimes be easier said than done. Sump pumps can come in very handy in times of need. Sometimes a good OL shop VAC can do the trick but is extremely time consuming. Always remember the longer the water sits the more damage it will cause. Always use caution when doing this due to the fact the water could contain hazardous material.
  • After the water is all cleaned up the next step would be to get air flowing over top of the carpet (Pending the severity of the flood) to rapidly recirculate the air.
  • Once all the air is moving it is most likely you will need a dehumidifier to pull the moisture out of the air. In turn this will help with the drying process and help prevent mold growth.

These steps are bare minimal. In turn we always recommend using a certified restoration company to insure proper remediation of any damages.  This can save 10’s of thousands of dollars if not properly done. If you need help please call us at 719-574-2789 I would be glade to walk you through all of these steps and/or we also do free estimates!

You Can Count On Our Team When Your Sercurity Home has Water Damage

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

This basement was hit with water damage. Our team was equipped to handle the emergency and restored the home with a sense of urgency.

Prevent Water Damage to Your Home in Security

The onset of winter means many things to homeowners. You need to worry about winterizing your home, make sure your driveway is clear and stock up on supplies. We do it every year hoping that our home remains unscathed until spring. What we rarely do is research the most reputable company to help us address any water damage that might come our way. When an emergency occurs, knowing whom to call and taking immediate action is crucial.

SERVPRO is the team you want to contact if your home in Security has water damage. Sometimes the damage is extensive and sudden as the result of an event like a storm or a burst pipe. On occasion water may seep into the structure of your home and your walls quietly, leaving you to find it when restoring the damage requires professional assistance. In winter, ice dams can invite water into our homes without us realizing it. Clean gutters and vigilance are useful in preventing this from happening, but it is not foolproof.

When our team arrives at your home to assess the situation, we first ensure that there are no safety issues to resolve. Once this happens, we are ready to take full inventory of water residue in your home and tackle each accumulation appropriately. If water has seeped through your walls, as is the case with ice dams, we explore ways to get inside the home's structural elements to dry out any water remains. We may use this by injecting warm air into the wall through pre-drilled holes, allowing it to reach adequate moisture levels.

It is not uncommon for repairs to occur at the same time that our SERVPRO crew is finalizing the water extraction and drying process. When this is the case, we coordinate with you and any necessary inspections so that the job is performed seamlessly and with no delays to you. Our goal, like yours, is to return you'r home to its original condition as soon as possible.

SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs is available at (719) 574-2789. Not only are we trained to help you apply industry best practices at your home, but we also know the impact of Colorado weather on our buildings and homes. Call us as soon as you are faced with an emergency such us water damage and allow us to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

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Water Cleanup In Colorado Springs

8/30/2018 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO technicians have numerous ways of cleaning up after a water incident.

Water Damage Cleanup

Cleaning up your Colorado Springs home is likely something that you and the other occupants of your house keep up with regularly. When a more significant incident or something far more destructive occurs within your residence, however, it might require a more experienced hand to set things right again. Water incidents are an excellent example of this, as the damage spreads quickly, and homeowners struggle with entirely removing the moisture from their homes.

You may be curious as to what something like water cleanup for your Colorado Springs home even means. While there are still some instances where the best approach is mopping and drying up the affected area with conventional means, the cleanup process is more often an intricate and involved process. Our goal at SERVPRO is to provide a thorough and quality result, which ensures the job is done the first time correctly.

From the moment that our water damage experts arrive at your home, we set up an inspection to determine the full scope of the area that requires attention. This assessment details not only the nature of the work that has to get done to adequately clean and dry the damage but the personnel and equipment required to accomplish these tasks as well. The faster we can get to this assessment and get the information, the faster the restorative tasks can ultimately begin.

Our SERVPRO technicians have numerous ways of cleaning up after a water incident, and many of these approaches depend on the severity of the damage and the source of the water. For example, pooling water from a broken pipe required both the repair of this pipe, as well as extractions with a portable pump and focused drying efforts with air movers and industrial strength dehumidification equipment.

As a homeowner, it is common to want to take care of most problems that your home experiences on your own. While this might seemingly save you money, failure to properly clean up water damage incidents can often lead to even costlier repairs and restoration work than you would have initially gotten charged. Trust in the experience and expertise of our SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs water restoration technicians. We can arrive quickly and are standing by right now at (719) 574-2789.

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Water Damage Technicians Out Of Cimarron Hills Discuss Problems With Drywall

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damaged Drywall Needs Fast Drying in Cimarron Hills to Prevent Secondary Damage

Drywall Materials Require Skilfull Use of Equipment to Mitigate Water Losses and Salvage the Materials

Any time excessive moisture gets into a structure in Cimarron Hills, it is possible that the drywall material that makes up the walls and ceilings can get damaged. If a pipe breaks inside a wall, it can spray water into the wall cavity negatively affected the drywall components. If water fills into the building from another source it starts accumulating on the floor; then it works its way up the walls, a process called wicking. If humidity levels are escalated once water gets into the house, the moisture in the air can also harm drywall.
Whenever water starts affecting drywall, it can saturate the material making it lose its structural integrity or be a source of microbial growth. Whenever mitigating water damage in Cimarron Hills, evaporating out drywall before its paper backing grows mold is a top priority. If this gypsum board inside your home gets wet, then it is possible that wooden materials inside the wall cavity can get affected as well.
Any time excessive moisture affects a building, our SERVPRO technicians pay special attention to drywall and other structural components. We start by using moisture sensors to test the contents of the walls. The sensors have prongs that get inserted into the drywall or wooden studs and test for moisture. For wooden materials, the readings come out as a percentage, and for drywall, the readings come in parts per million numbers.
Once the affected area has been tested for moisture levels, our SERVPRO restoration team tests materials in unaffected areas to figure out a drying goal level. This baseline helps our team determine how wet the drywall and wooden studs suffered from the loss. Once we know how wet the area is, we can set up the correct drying equipment.
Whenever our SERVPRO crew dries out a structure, we arrange a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers. The air movers create circulation that moves wet air away from surfaces while the dehumidifiers pull water out of the air and lower the actual humidity inside the structure. When drying out wall cavities, other specialized techniques get implemented to push air into the cavities. Injectidry tools can be useful devices to inject warm air. See below.
In some cases, we remove the baseboard and drill holes into the wall or cut the drywall a foot above the ground so that air can dry out all of the wall components. In other scenarios, we implement injection drying equipment that pushes air into the wall from tubes that stick into holes drilled into the wall surfaces. If you ever need help drying out wet wall cavities, call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 24 hours a day.

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Water Damage Monitoring Equipment in Colorado Springs

4/14/2018 (Permalink)

Moisture needs to be dried out of your home within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth.

SERVPRO Offers Thorough Structural Drying after Water Damage to Your Home

If a pipe breaks inside your Colorado Springs home, water possibly leaks all over and causes many problems. Sometimes water saturates building materials which can cause structural integrity issues. If water gets left inside your house for too long, it often causes foul odors to exist. If moisture does not get dried out within 48 hours, it is likely that mold develops.

Water leaking into a building also possibly causes electrical hazards. SERVPRO's water damage technicians in Colorado Springs always start a project by securing the work area. Any potential hazards such as drywall falling from the ceiling or electrical issues get repaired, or the area gets blocked off, and "danger" signs get posted.

After the work area is made safe for all workers and occupants, the extraction process begins. If there is two inches or more of standing water, a submersible pump gets used to vacuum up the water and pump it into a sewer drain. Next, we use our specialized extraction tools to pull moisture out of carpet and upholstery. In most cases, we use light extraction wands to pull water out of furniture. When extracting moisture out of the carpet, we sometimes use a weighted, heavy-duty extraction tool to compress the carpet and reduce damage to the fabric caused by agitation.

After our IICRC certified technicians are satisfied with the amount of water we vacuumed up, we begin the drying phase. Before we set up air movers and dehumidifiers in your home, we use monitoring equipment to test moisture levels in the affected areas. We use different equipment based on what type of materials we want to test for moisture.

When we test soft, porous materials such as upholstery and carpet we use a moisture sensor. A moisture sensor has two sharp prongs on the bottom that stick into the material and test for the presence of moisture. If the carpet in the testing area is wet, the sensor beeps and flashes a light.

To test moisture levels in other harder materials such as wood or drywall, we often use a penetrating moisture meter. The moisture meters have two longs prongs that we stick or hammer into the materials that we are testing. For non-wood items, the relative scale is used, and the moisture reading comes out as points. For wooden materials, the meters give a moisture percentage number. Readings get taken in both affected and unaffected areas to determine how wet the materials got.

Moisture readings help us come up with a goal to reach. Once moisture levels reach the goal, they are back to normal conditions. For professional help with structural drying, call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 any time of the day.

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Water Damage From Ice Dams: A Springtime Problem In Colorado Springs

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage from Ice Dams Means SERVPRO is the Answer in Colorado Springs

SERVPRO Is Available in All Seasons for Cleanup and Restoration After Unwanted Water Enters Your Home

Snow can fall from November through April in Colorado Springs, and it poses more than just a driving or shoveling issue for some area homeowners. If your home sports spectacular icicles or you notice your gutters sagging from the weight of the snow, you may want to inspect your attic or upper levels for water damage. We can help if frozen precipitation worked its way inside your dwelling this winter.
During the winter heating systems circulate warm air throughout your Colorado Springs home. Water damage ensues when heated air meets the ice and snow along the eaves. Inadequate insulation and the lack of a complete seal between the edges of the framing and the roof decking allows air to rise and leak out of the house. Then the ice and snow collecting in the gutter melts and leaks into the house. Our professionals are familiar with this phenomenon and have the skills and equipment to solve the water damage issues it causes.
The SERVPRO crew views the exterior of your home but knows that water does not always appear where expected. We inspect the attic or upper floor living areas for signs of water incursion. This inspection can include visual review, looking for bubbling pain, bulging ceiling tiles, and staining on walls. We also use state-of-the-art moisture meters, and infrared scanners as water can collect between studs, soak insulation, and pool on ceilings and subflooring. Temperature differential often gives away lurking water.
Because water does tend to run down, we also travel to other levels of the home to look for more damage. It is not uncommon for water to move a story or more down and soak into woodwork around windows, baseboards, or hardwood flooring. The SERVPRO crew assigned to your job have trained in strategies to resolve all of these water damage scenarios. This team has the equipment available remove the water and dry out the building structure and fixtures.
SERVPRO extracts any standing water and then determines how to reach water behind baseboards or in walls. Special equipment comes into play to reduce the moisture. We use innovations like the injectidry system, also known as "the octopus," where warm, dry air introduced via a series of tubes inserted in holes drilled into the base of a wall rids a wall cavity of lingering water. Floor mats pull water from hardwood, and dehumidifiers and air movers create a balance to reduce both humidity and residual moisture in building materials.
SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs has many options available to manage water damage from ice buildup during the winter months. Call (719) 574-2789 to schedule an assessment if ice dams direct water into your home.

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Minor is Major When it Comes to Water Damage in Colorado Springs

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Leaking or damaged pipes can do significant damage to your home structure. If you suspect a leak or notice damage, contact SERVPRO for remediation.

Prevention and Maintenance Help Impede Significant Damage Due to Leaks 

Homeowners frequently make the mistake of thinking slight leaks cause no problems for their homes. Allowing a slow leak to continue depositing water inside a wall, on the floor, or under a cabinet are examples of things that cause significant damage to the structure of a building without the owner noticing. Eventually, you need our help to restore the harm and prevent collateral damage.
A small but steady leak in the waste pipe connecting your kitchen sink to the main drain below contributes to a gradual spread of water damage in your Colorado Springs home. Because the pipe damaged by the leak runs behind some cabinets and then down the basement stairs, you rarely take any note of it. Your neglect now results in a massive bulging of the wall near your water heater and furnace, and dirty water has begun to puddle on the floor and run in a ragged stream to a floor drain. There is a musty smell with a note of decaying food.
One of our SERVPRO water damage teams arrives and assesses the area. We identify problems and devise a plan. Water is extracted from inside the wall with our specialized equipment. If we find mold, we employ EPA approved procedures to contain the area, remove the moldy material, and then sanitize. Our team coordinates with your plumber to replace the drain pipe, essential to make sure the mold remediation is successful.
We then take moisture measurements and use our high-efficiency air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the lower level area. SERVPRO’s mission is to restore, but because of the mold growth, we likely replace a portion of the wallboard that was soaked by the leaking over time. Porous materials are difficult to sanitize, and drywall is relatively inexpensive to install new.
The cabinets in the kitchen also need inspection, and our team tests for moisture as the leaks may have extended closer to the sink. We take off the kick plates to scan for current or old water damage. If standing water reveals itself, SERVPRO team members extract it and aim air movers into the recesses and position a dehumidifier nearby. Again we evaluate for mold involvement and remediate if necessary.
Although this type of water incursion is hardly dramatic, it is prevalent and causes serious water damage. Our team recommends you remain vigilant for this kind of leaking as it destroys structure from the inside out.
No job is too insignificant for SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs. If you suspect that a tiny leak has become a major problem, give us a call at (719) 574-2789 to schedule a consultation.

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It is All About the Equipment in Colorado Springs

5/29/2017 (Permalink)

Water heaters can flood the room that they are in with many gallons of water. Call SERVPRO to remediate the damage and help you with the disaster.

SERVPRO Technicians Bring Equipment as Well as the Generators Necessary to Remediate Your Property

Your day takes a whole different focus when your water heater splits its bottom, spilling water throughout your utility room. As much as you want to try to take care of the problem on your own, the sheer magnitude of 50 or more gallons of water in a confined space, with more flowing if you fail to turn off the water main, makes you dial for help. The team at SERVPRO is always ready for this type of challenge.
Not all water removal issues in Colorado Springs are dramatic. Sometimes it is the most mundane equipment failure that gets your attention. Your hard-working water heater provided its last hot showers, laundry, and dishwashing yesterday. Today it needs our team to dig down deep and give you back your basement using our skills and powerful water removal equipment.
SERVPRO has one mission -- to put the pieces back together after you experience an unexpected disaster. The first task after a water heater leaks is to remove all that water. We have powerful, truck mounted pumps and extractors that make water removal manageable. When we arrive, we assess the situation, turn off the water if it is still flowing, and then work with you and your insurer to take charge of returning your dwelling to preloss condition.
If the electricity cut out during the flood, we rely on our truck for the power to pump and vacuum out the water. We make certain there is no danger of shocking you or our staff during this stage. After the majority of the water is gone, our certified technicians set up air movers to continue the drying process. The condition of flooring and walls is evaluated to help make the choice between restoration or tear out and replacement.
Restoration is always preferred by us as it limits your costs and returns the affected areas back to your use faster. The key often is whether you called us in time. If the water only stood for a few hours before we removed it, chances are better that professional drying completes the job. On the other hand, if water remained for more than a day or two before we arrived, you risk secondary damage of structures and belongings. The original flood of water from the heater was clean. Every hour it waits for removal gives microbial growth a chance to complicate matters for the SERVPRO staff.
Keep things simple when you need water removal by contacting SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs immediately. Our truck rolls out as soon as possible after your call to (719) 574-2789.

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Which Tools are Used to Assess and Evaluate Water Damage in Colorado Springs Homes?

2/13/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage can severely affect your home. Take the time to call SERVPRO to mitigate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Use the Latest Tools in the Field of Water Detection

Water damage restoration involves more than just extracting and drying the wet areas. To do this successfully, technicians must first carry out rigorous assessments. They need to understand the extent of the leak or flooding and the specific requirements of the space.

No two homes are the same, and all cases of water damage in Colorado Springs are different. SERVPRO uses a range of moisture monitoring and evaluation equipment to determine the scale of the problem and keep track of the restoration. Consistent supervision is essential, as drying equipment requires regular checks and adjustments for optimal results.

Keep reading to find out more about the moisture testing and evaluation tools used by SERVPRO.

Moisture Metres

Moisture meters represent some of the simplest evaluation instruments. However, they are excellent at detecting hidden leaks and areas of concealed moisture. For example, if a pipe bursts inside a wall, the leak itself might not be visible.

To figure out what is causing the surface of the wall to feel cold and wet, the SERVPRO technicians have to take measurements. They may insert a pinhole reader a short distance into the plaster or drywall. The end of the instrument is very sensitive and detects water.

Infrared Cameras

While thermal cameras are costly and less likely to make an appearance than pinhole readers, they do make valuable tools in certain circumstances. In most cases, the source of the moisture is evident. It comes from a cracked pipe, a blocked drain, an overflowing toilet, or some other residential emergency. In cases where it is not clear, infrared cameras are good at detecting tell-tale changes in surface temperature.


The borescope has a lot in common with the pinhole reader, but it is a little more sophisticated. The shape is much the same. However, instead of there being a sensitive component at one end, there is an eyepiece. It gets inserted inside a surface, where a leak is suspected. The area under scrutiny could be inside a duct, an HVAC system, a plaster wall, or behind a cabinet.

If your home is a victim of residential flooding or you need repairs for a recent leak, we can help. At SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs, we are committed to helping Colorado Springs residents reverse the effects of water damage. Call us 24/7 on (719) 574-2789.

Just a Call Away

3/30/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of South Colorado Springs and SERVPRO® of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes is always just a quick phone call away. Whether you are dealing with a Water loss or damage from a fire we can help. Emergencies do not work on a set schedule and can happen at any hour of the day or night. That's why we are here 24/7, 365 to assist you should the need arise.

If you find yourself in need of our services please reach out to us at 719-574-2789 or 719-434-4626 and tell them the Marketing Team sent you.

SERVPRO® of South Colorado Springs and SERVPRO® of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes – We help to make it Like it never even happened.®

Colorado Springs Experts in Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Water and Fire Cleanup and Restoration.

Spring Rains

3/21/2016 (Permalink)

Spring is officially here. The grass is beginning to change from brown to green, flowers are starting to bloom and spring rains will be here before you know it. The Spring rains are needed and brings about growth. At the same time rain can be unpredictable and can cause water damage to our homes. Basements can be a prime area for water leaks.

Keeping Water Out Of Your Basement

•  Downspout extensions should be at least 6 feet long, and the water should be directed away from your house.

•  All surfaces surrounding the house should be graded properly to direct water away from the foundation. This includes the lawn and driveway.

•  Gutters should be clear of debris.

•  Window wells should be sealed tightly to the foundation. The well should be filled with gravel, not dirt, and it should be 6 inches to 18 inches in depth.

•  Make sure if your sump pump is working and that it's discharging water away from the house.

Portion taken from: Rick Barrett

Should you ever find yourself in need of our Emergency Restoration Services please call us at 719-574-2789 or 719-434-4626

SERVPRO® of South Colorado Springs and SERVPRO® of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes – We help to make it "Like it never even happened."

Colorado Springs Experts in Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Water and Fire Cleanup and Restoration.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Faster To Any Size Disaster
  • Flooding and water emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs provides emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays. You can expect an immediate response time, day or night.

  • Highly Trained Technicians
  • Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s Corporate Training Facility to regular IICRC industry certifications, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.  

  • Advanced Technology
  • The past few decades has seen a rapid advancement in the technology and techniques used in the restoration industry. These advancements allow SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs Professionals to restore a property back to pre-loss condition quickly, reliably, and more effectively.

    Call Us 24/7 – (719) 574-2789  SERVPRO® of South Colorado Springs 

    Colorado Springs Water Damage

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    When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. We respond immediately and use advanced equipment and techniques to remove the water quickly. We help make it like it never even happened.

    If you find yourself in need of our services or have questions please call us at 719-574-2789

    SERVPRO® of South Colorado Springs and SERVPRO® of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes – Colorado Springs Experts in Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Water and Fire Cleanup and Restoration.

    Colorado Weather

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    Colorado Springs cold weather can wreck havoc on those in its path. When temps drop and winds blow the better the chance of a freeze break. No one can predict when a loss will occur but you can rest assured that we will be available 24/7, 365 days a week should a loss occur. We offer fast response and all our techs are professionals, uniformed, vetted and background checked.

    If you should need our services please call us at 719-574-2789


    Mission Statement

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    “To develop a team of quality people who focus on excellent service, fairness and mutual respect.”

    – SERVPRO Mission Statement

    SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs lives by the SERVPRO Mission Statement. We want to provide the same excellent service that we’d expect to receive ourselves. We will always serve our clients with excellent service, fairness and mutual respect.

    Should you have any questions or in need of our services please call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at 719-574-2789 and tell them the Marketing Team sent you.

    1-4-8 Service Response

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    SERVPRO has a 1-4-8 Service Response:

    1- Within one hour from the notice of loss, a SERVPRO Professional will contact you to arrange for service.
    4- Within four hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO Professional will be on-site to start mitigation services (if necessary).
    8- Within eight business hours of on-site arrival a verbal briefing of the scope will be communicated to the appropriate person.
    We will Respond to your emergency needs quickly and Ready for whatever happens.

    Should you have any questions or in need of our services please call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at 719-574-2789 and tell them the Marketing Team sent you.

    Colorado Springs Water Damage Restoration

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    Freeze break season is here and there are a few things that you can do to minimize the potential for a catastrophic event.

    The American Red Cross provides information and suggestions around how to prevent water pipes in the home from freezing. 

    During Cold Weather, Take Preventative Action 

  • Keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in the garage.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and household chemicals up out of the reach of children.
  • When the weather is very cold outside, let the cold-water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe – even at a trickle – helps prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature both during the day and at night. By temporarily suspending the use of lower nighttime temperatures, you may incur a higher heating bill, but you can prevent a much more costly repair job if pipes freeze and burst.
  • If you will be going away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home, set to a temperature no lower than 55° F.
  • Should a freeze break happen it’s crucial to quickly find a reputable Water Damage Restoration company. If in the unfortunate event you find yourself needing help with a freeze break give SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs a call at 719-574-2789 and don’t forget to tell them the Marketing Team sent you. 

    Manitou Springs

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    After 53,000 gallons of water and mud were pumped out of this basement.

    After 53,000 gallons of water were pumped out of this basement. 

    Manitou Springs

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    Debris from a wall of water

    Debris left from a 3-foot wide creek that turned into a 30 feet across raging torrent.

    Manitou Springs

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    Commercial building with 8 1/2 feet of flood water in the basement. This water heater was buried under 53,000 gallons of mud and water.

    Epic flooding in Manitou Springs from torrential downpour on the Waldo Canyon burn scar. Vehicles tossed around like toys from the wall of water.