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Winter is Coming! Are You Ready?

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

Burst Pipe Colorado Springs Winter is Coming!

With Winter fast approaching and overnight temps into the freezing areas it is important not to restrict the flow of water in your home. Leave faucets running and be sure to disconnect all exterior hoses from their bibs. SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs is always ready to handle any type of water damage or flood loss, but let's save our meeting for another day. 

Mass Freeze In Colorado 2020

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

Last year in February Colorado Springs experienced a mass freeze event. Calls were coming in by the hundreds both businesses and homes were affected. At SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs we were running all over our territory with equipment and water extractors. SERVPROs from other states even came to help in the relief efforts. What a pleasure it was to SERV our community during this type of storm event. SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs, wants everyone to be prepared for the inclimate weather we are sure to incur this winter. If temperatures dip below freezing be sure to keep an eye on your plumbing and appliances. We're always here if you need us 24/7/365 even when the roads are icy and the weather is bad. 

Fire in Colorado Springs

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

This summer we had our fair share of fires. Colorado has a dry climate that unfortunately is helpful to the spread of fire through structure and our wildlands. SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs is currently mitigating a fire that started by arson inside of a commercial shopping and dining complex on the city's west side. We are specialists with large loss and fire and it our pleasure to help our community in their time of need. We are Southern Colorado Springs' most professional and skilled fire mitigation team.  

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

Colorado Springs is growing fast! We have more new development than ever before. If you have been in the area even in the last two years, you can see that it is getting big around here.

With all these major corporations now calling Colorado Springs home, their offices new and old are experiencing flood and water losses. Plumbing issues and fire suppression system bursts are the most common cause we see from our local business partners at SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs. 

It takes a special set of skills and large amounts of specialty equipment to dry out large structures... Luckily we have both! Throw in some professionalism and a little can do attitude and your business will be up and running "Like it never even happened."

Prepare the Inside of Your Home To Avoid Water Damage

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Wet Carpet Water damage in an Security, CO home.

Finding water in the home is an unfortunately common occurrence, but you can still take steps to try to avoid it. Here are some things you can do in Security, CO, to prevent broken pipes and other typical water damage issues.

Tips and Tricks To Prevent Plumbing Problems

Use this checklist to take preventative action in your home. Some of these suggestions are helpful habits to incorporate into your day-to-day life. Others only need to be done once or twice a year.

• Instead of pouring grease down the drain, pour it into a can or jar to either upcycle or dispose of when full.

• Don’t use chemicals to unclog drains. The same ingredients that help to eat away at your drain blockage can also chew through your pipes. Instead, use some type of drain snake or augur for your pipe cleanup.

• Look up at your ceilings and even go up to your attic. Look down at the floor near your water sources such as sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Take note if any of these areas are prone to moisture or water in your home.

• Keep up with the maintenance for your major appliances such as sump pumps, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and water heaters. Slow leaks can sometimes do as much damage overall as a broken pipe.

• Pay attention to your average water bill. If it starts to climb or abruptly rises without reason, check for a leak. This is an easy way to be alerted to potential issues where you can take preemptive action prior to a full pipe cleanup.

What Now?

Even after preparing for water in home spaces, it is possible that something unforeseen can happen. When water damage happens, don’t fret. Consult your local restoration specialists and refer to the tips and tricks checklist to see if there is further preparation that can be done to avoid future issues.

Restoring Your Home After a Fire

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Burnt house, hallway, a coach, wall covered with soot Fire damage in Widefield, CO.

How Do You Restore a House After a Fire

Having your home and belongings damaged by a fire can be devastating for everyone involved. However, by getting content cleaning and fire restoration services on the job right away and investing in a few things like dry-cleaning and content storage, you can help to bring your home back to its former glory. There are a few steps you should follow to get everything on track for recovery:

  • Getting in touch with your insurance company
  • Locating a reliable fire and smoke cleanup crew
  • Finding a storage space for undamaged belongings

Contacting Insurance

After dealing with emergency services, your insurance company should be the first call you make. Your insurance professionals can help estimate how much your repairs will cost and direct you to fire cleaning professionals in Widefield, CO, who are covered by your homeowners insurance. This can help you get the financial support you need during the recovery process.

Choosing Your Crew

While your insurance company will likely suggest and endorse a number of cleanup crews, it’s ultimately up to you to decide who you want to trust with your home content cleaning. Do your research and find a company that has a reputation for getting the job done right and for following up on their results after you’re settled back into your home.

Finding Storage Solutions

During your cleanup process, crews are likely to use machines and chemicals that rid your home of smoke smells. It’s always a good idea to move undamaged belongings into a storage unit until your home is completely repaired to protect them from dust, debris, and even water from damaged roofing or pipes. Dry cleaning may be appropriate for some minimally damaged belongings.

Between dry-cleaning, working with insurance agents and all of the other steps of content cleaning after a fire, the home recovery process can be a long one. However, it’s well worth it to feel safe and secure in your own home again.

How To Remedy a Garage Flood

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system. Install a sump pump in your basement to extract floodwaters.

Ways You Can Remove Standing Water From Your Garage 

When you own a commercial property in Cimarron Hills, CO, storm season may leave the parts of your building that bridge the gap between the external and internal areas vulnerable. Your structure's garage may take on flooding, and you may need special equipment and professional storm cleanup services to help. Here are three ways that you can remove standing water from your garage area.

1. Sump Pumps

Many basements are equipped with sump pumps to start extracting floodwater as soon as it becomes a problem. Some pumps are portable, allowing the cleanup crew to move them to the place that needs them the most. An industrial sump pump is designed to remove large volumes of water from the flooded area to a container of some sort. It is an effective way to remove water quickly.

2. Trash Pumps

Sump pumps can get clogged, so they're not the best solution when it comes to removing trash. If there is a lot of debris in the flooded area, a trash pump may be necessary. This piece of equipment can remove sludge as well as water.

3. Truck Mounts

If you are removing a large amount of water from your garage, the water has to be moved somewhere. If the flooding occurred as the result of a storm, the water is a Category 3 contaminant and thus must also be disposed of in a way that does not further contaminate the garage or some other area. Truck mounts siphon the water into a storage unit in a truck so that it can be transported easily to the disposal site. The sump pump or trash pump being used does the work on the scene while the truck mount directs the extracted substances into storage.

When storms flood the garage of your commercial building, don't just ignore it and hope the problem will dissipate. Taking action to extract water and debris with the right equipment can get the space clean and functional faster.

At-Risk Types of Businesses for Commercial Mold Damage in Colorado Springs

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on cheese Restaurant mold in South Colorado Springs should be limited to cheese.

SERVPRO Can Remediate Mold Infestations in All Kinds of Businesses

There are many types of mold, and most of them are highly adaptable and able to grow in a wide variety of conditions and environments. However, most species share an affinity for moisture, moderate temperature, darkness, and ample food sources. Different businesses grant these bonuses in various amounts, meaning some locations are more susceptible to mold growth and damage than others. Although we receive calls from all sorts of commercial enterprises in the local area with mold problems, these are some of the most at-risk. Note that these are not necessarily the bulk of our calls, and other types of business can be less at-risk overall but call in at higher quantities.
Restaurants and catering businesses are one of SERVPRO's most common sources of commercial mold damage, in Colorado Springs, CO and nationwide. Businesses involved in food preparation generally use much water, creating a humid and sometimes damp environment throughout the establishment. Many restaurants are also open throughout the day, ensuring that proper heating and air conditioning is supplied virtually 24/7. Moreover, lastly, unnoticed scraps of food and debris can grant an excellent food source and start point for a mold colony to grow on.
Apartments, Hotels, and Rental Properties
Mold tends to live, in many cases, where people do as well. This means that landlords and hotel owners are some of the most commonly afflicted business owners and managers when it comes to mold, especially when properties are rented short-term. Many tenants contribute to mold growth without noticing it outright, potentially snowballing damages until you finally find it for yourself or are notified. Regular checkups in each room between resident stays are essential if you wish to find mold growth before it gets out of hand.
Industrial Settings
Some industrial settings can become excellent harbors for mold, with many corners and spaces perfect for growing without common human interaction. Additionally, many industrial workers will simply ignore mold, assuming it is part of the dirt that accompanies most industries. However, this varies widely depending on your building and specific industry, and some factories or warehouses may actually be at far less risk of mold damage than other businesses.

3 Areas Where Water Damage Can Go Unnoticed

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

mold stains on ceiling Mold stains on the ceiling.

Here Are Three Areas Where Water Damage Can Go Unnoticed

A hidden leak in a Security, CO, home becomes a problem when mold spores make the dampened materials their host. Water damage in your home can go unnoticed if it does not affect your daily life. When the construction materials of your house, such as drywall or wood, become dampened, they become attractions for mold spores. Leaks can happen virtually anywhere and can go unnoticed when they are caused by:

  • Old roofs
  • Old plumbing systems
  • Torn pipes

1. Ceilings
Your roof can leak due to a bad shingle installment or an outdated roof. The water from a roof leak needs to travel through the attic before it makes a mark on the ceiling as a water stain. A small roof leak may go unnoticed for years and cause structural rotting from mold growth. Check periodically for roof leaks to prevent mold growth.

2. Behind Walls
Your plumbing will travel through walls to make it into bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. A leak can develop behind walls if you have dancing pipes or an old plumbing system. If a leak develops behind the wall, the insulation and drywall will become dampened and create optimal conditions for mold growth. A telling sign of a leak behind your walls is bubbling paint or water stains on the wall.

3. Crawlspaces and Basements
The plumbing system of your house travels through many rooms. Don't forget to check crawlspaces, attics and basements for leaks. These hidden pipes can break and cause a leak that goes unnoticed until water stains develop. Older plumbing systems that do not have rust-resistant materials require more vigilance and maintenance. If your building has an older plumbing system, consider updating it for mold prevention.
Water damage is an attraction for mold, which causes costlier repairs. You can prevent damage by maintaining your plumbing system and checking often for leaks. If your home has mold damage from an unnoticed leak contact a mold remediation service to help.

How High Winds Worsen Storm Damage

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

Building destroyed by a hurricane Hurricane damage in Colorado Springs, CO.

The severity of hurricane damage is well known, but high winds that accompany any adverse weather can cause storm damage at a commercial structure in Colorado Springs, CO. A brief explanation of the risks of property damage associated with strong winds can prepare commercial property owners and managers to manage the effects of wind damage.

Wind Causes Roof Damage

When wind speeds pick up, the risk of property damage posed by any type of adverse weather becomes more severe. The roof of a commercial structure is prone to all of the following types of wind damage:

  • Damaging roof fixtures
  • Detaching or loosening roofing materials
  • Tearing off flashing or sheathing

The maintenance measures that are necessary to withstand strong winds vary with the type of roof on a commercial building. A built-up roof or membrane should be in good enough condition to protect the building's interior.

Wind Damage Can Compromise an Enclosure
The doors and windows of a structure can blow open and admit wind and debris into the interior. A building enclosure or envelope includes the roof, these features and exterior walls. In the case of hurricane damage, any part of a building exterior may be susceptible to sustaining damage that can also affect the interior.

Severe Storm Damage May Result
Recognizing the risk of property damage posed by wind is the first step toward preparing a commercial structure for this threat. Regular property maintenance and storm damage equipment such as shutters may limit the damage caused by wind and related weather systems.
While it is impossible to prevent wind damage, commercial property owners may be able to take measures to reduce its severity. From maintaining roofing, trimming surrounding trees and securing or stowing items kept outside to installing storm shutters to protect against hurricane damage, it is worthwhile to take a proactive approach to prepare for storm damage in Colorado Springs, CO.