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Prepare the Inside of Your Home To Avoid Water Damage

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Wet Carpet Water damage in an Security, CO home.

Finding water in the home is an unfortunately common occurrence, but you can still take steps to try to avoid it. Here are some things you can do in Security, CO, to prevent broken pipes and other typical water damage issues.

Tips and Tricks To Prevent Plumbing Problems

Use this checklist to take preventative action in your home. Some of these suggestions are helpful habits to incorporate into your day-to-day life. Others only need to be done once or twice a year.

• Instead of pouring grease down the drain, pour it into a can or jar to either upcycle or dispose of when full.

• Don’t use chemicals to unclog drains. The same ingredients that help to eat away at your drain blockage can also chew through your pipes. Instead, use some type of drain snake or augur for your pipe cleanup.

• Look up at your ceilings and even go up to your attic. Look down at the floor near your water sources such as sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Take note if any of these areas are prone to moisture or water in your home.

• Keep up with the maintenance for your major appliances such as sump pumps, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and water heaters. Slow leaks can sometimes do as much damage overall as a broken pipe.

• Pay attention to your average water bill. If it starts to climb or abruptly rises without reason, check for a leak. This is an easy way to be alerted to potential issues where you can take preemptive action prior to a full pipe cleanup.

What Now?

Even after preparing for water in home spaces, it is possible that something unforeseen can happen. When water damage happens, don’t fret. Consult your local restoration specialists and refer to the tips and tricks checklist to see if there is further preparation that can be done to avoid future issues.

Restoring Your Home After a Fire

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Burnt house, hallway, a coach, wall covered with soot Fire damage in Widefield, CO.

How Do You Restore a House After a Fire

Having your home and belongings damaged by a fire can be devastating for everyone involved. However, by getting content cleaning and fire restoration services on the job right away and investing in a few things like dry-cleaning and content storage, you can help to bring your home back to its former glory. There are a few steps you should follow to get everything on track for recovery:

  • Getting in touch with your insurance company
  • Locating a reliable fire and smoke cleanup crew
  • Finding a storage space for undamaged belongings

Contacting Insurance

After dealing with emergency services, your insurance company should be the first call you make. Your insurance professionals can help estimate how much your repairs will cost and direct you to fire cleaning professionals in Widefield, CO, who are covered by your homeowners insurance. This can help you get the financial support you need during the recovery process.

Choosing Your Crew

While your insurance company will likely suggest and endorse a number of cleanup crews, it’s ultimately up to you to decide who you want to trust with your home content cleaning. Do your research and find a company that has a reputation for getting the job done right and for following up on their results after you’re settled back into your home.

Finding Storage Solutions

During your cleanup process, crews are likely to use machines and chemicals that rid your home of smoke smells. It’s always a good idea to move undamaged belongings into a storage unit until your home is completely repaired to protect them from dust, debris, and even water from damaged roofing or pipes. Dry cleaning may be appropriate for some minimally damaged belongings.

Between dry-cleaning, working with insurance agents and all of the other steps of content cleaning after a fire, the home recovery process can be a long one. However, it’s well worth it to feel safe and secure in your own home again.

How To Remedy a Garage Flood

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

A sump pump installed in a basement of a home with a water powered backup system. Install a sump pump in your basement to extract floodwaters.

Ways You Can Remove Standing Water From Your Garage 

When you own a commercial property in Cimarron Hills, CO, storm season may leave the parts of your building that bridge the gap between the external and internal areas vulnerable. Your structure's garage may take on flooding, and you may need special equipment and professional storm cleanup services to help. Here are three ways that you can remove standing water from your garage area.

1. Sump Pumps

Many basements are equipped with sump pumps to start extracting floodwater as soon as it becomes a problem. Some pumps are portable, allowing the cleanup crew to move them to the place that needs them the most. An industrial sump pump is designed to remove large volumes of water from the flooded area to a container of some sort. It is an effective way to remove water quickly.

2. Trash Pumps

Sump pumps can get clogged, so they're not the best solution when it comes to removing trash. If there is a lot of debris in the flooded area, a trash pump may be necessary. This piece of equipment can remove sludge as well as water.

3. Truck Mounts

If you are removing a large amount of water from your garage, the water has to be moved somewhere. If the flooding occurred as the result of a storm, the water is a Category 3 contaminant and thus must also be disposed of in a way that does not further contaminate the garage or some other area. Truck mounts siphon the water into a storage unit in a truck so that it can be transported easily to the disposal site. The sump pump or trash pump being used does the work on the scene while the truck mount directs the extracted substances into storage.

When storms flood the garage of your commercial building, don't just ignore it and hope the problem will dissipate. Taking action to extract water and debris with the right equipment can get the space clean and functional faster.

At-Risk Types of Businesses for Commercial Mold Damage in Colorado Springs

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on cheese Restaurant mold in South Colorado Springs should be limited to cheese.

SERVPRO Can Remediate Mold Infestations in All Kinds of Businesses

There are many types of mold, and most of them are highly adaptable and able to grow in a wide variety of conditions and environments. However, most species share an affinity for moisture, moderate temperature, darkness, and ample food sources. Different businesses grant these bonuses in various amounts, meaning some locations are more susceptible to mold growth and damage than others. Although we receive calls from all sorts of commercial enterprises in the local area with mold problems, these are some of the most at-risk. Note that these are not necessarily the bulk of our calls, and other types of business can be less at-risk overall but call in at higher quantities.
Restaurants and catering businesses are one of SERVPRO's most common sources of commercial mold damage, in Colorado Springs, CO and nationwide. Businesses involved in food preparation generally use much water, creating a humid and sometimes damp environment throughout the establishment. Many restaurants are also open throughout the day, ensuring that proper heating and air conditioning is supplied virtually 24/7. Moreover, lastly, unnoticed scraps of food and debris can grant an excellent food source and start point for a mold colony to grow on.
Apartments, Hotels, and Rental Properties
Mold tends to live, in many cases, where people do as well. This means that landlords and hotel owners are some of the most commonly afflicted business owners and managers when it comes to mold, especially when properties are rented short-term. Many tenants contribute to mold growth without noticing it outright, potentially snowballing damages until you finally find it for yourself or are notified. Regular checkups in each room between resident stays are essential if you wish to find mold growth before it gets out of hand.
Industrial Settings
Some industrial settings can become excellent harbors for mold, with many corners and spaces perfect for growing without common human interaction. Additionally, many industrial workers will simply ignore mold, assuming it is part of the dirt that accompanies most industries. However, this varies widely depending on your building and specific industry, and some factories or warehouses may actually be at far less risk of mold damage than other businesses.

3 Areas Where Water Damage Can Go Unnoticed

6/18/2021 (Permalink)

mold stains on ceiling Mold stains on the ceiling.

Here Are Three Areas Where Water Damage Can Go Unnoticed

A hidden leak in a Security, CO, home becomes a problem when mold spores make the dampened materials their host. Water damage in your home can go unnoticed if it does not affect your daily life. When the construction materials of your house, such as drywall or wood, become dampened, they become attractions for mold spores. Leaks can happen virtually anywhere and can go unnoticed when they are caused by:

  • Old roofs
  • Old plumbing systems
  • Torn pipes

1. Ceilings
Your roof can leak due to a bad shingle installment or an outdated roof. The water from a roof leak needs to travel through the attic before it makes a mark on the ceiling as a water stain. A small roof leak may go unnoticed for years and cause structural rotting from mold growth. Check periodically for roof leaks to prevent mold growth.

2. Behind Walls
Your plumbing will travel through walls to make it into bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. A leak can develop behind walls if you have dancing pipes or an old plumbing system. If a leak develops behind the wall, the insulation and drywall will become dampened and create optimal conditions for mold growth. A telling sign of a leak behind your walls is bubbling paint or water stains on the wall.

3. Crawlspaces and Basements
The plumbing system of your house travels through many rooms. Don't forget to check crawlspaces, attics and basements for leaks. These hidden pipes can break and cause a leak that goes unnoticed until water stains develop. Older plumbing systems that do not have rust-resistant materials require more vigilance and maintenance. If your building has an older plumbing system, consider updating it for mold prevention.
Water damage is an attraction for mold, which causes costlier repairs. You can prevent damage by maintaining your plumbing system and checking often for leaks. If your home has mold damage from an unnoticed leak contact a mold remediation service to help.

How High Winds Worsen Storm Damage

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

Building destroyed by a hurricane Hurricane damage in Colorado Springs, CO.

The severity of hurricane damage is well known, but high winds that accompany any adverse weather can cause storm damage at a commercial structure in Colorado Springs, CO. A brief explanation of the risks of property damage associated with strong winds can prepare commercial property owners and managers to manage the effects of wind damage.

Wind Causes Roof Damage

When wind speeds pick up, the risk of property damage posed by any type of adverse weather becomes more severe. The roof of a commercial structure is prone to all of the following types of wind damage:

  • Damaging roof fixtures
  • Detaching or loosening roofing materials
  • Tearing off flashing or sheathing

The maintenance measures that are necessary to withstand strong winds vary with the type of roof on a commercial building. A built-up roof or membrane should be in good enough condition to protect the building's interior.

Wind Damage Can Compromise an Enclosure
The doors and windows of a structure can blow open and admit wind and debris into the interior. A building enclosure or envelope includes the roof, these features and exterior walls. In the case of hurricane damage, any part of a building exterior may be susceptible to sustaining damage that can also affect the interior.

Severe Storm Damage May Result
Recognizing the risk of property damage posed by wind is the first step toward preparing a commercial structure for this threat. Regular property maintenance and storm damage equipment such as shutters may limit the damage caused by wind and related weather systems.
While it is impossible to prevent wind damage, commercial property owners may be able to take measures to reduce its severity. From maintaining roofing, trimming surrounding trees and securing or stowing items kept outside to installing storm shutters to protect against hurricane damage, it is worthwhile to take a proactive approach to prepare for storm damage in Colorado Springs, CO.

How Do Restoration Companies Cleanup After Fire Damage to a Colorado Springs Home?

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

Firefigther putting out a fire Many methods are used when restoring a home after a fire. Contact SERVPRO right away and let our expertise work for you.

SERVPRO Follows Scientific Principals When Restoring Your Property After Fire Damage

Fire can wreak havoc on your Colorado Springs home. The smoke and soot can cause irreparable damage if it is not taken care of promptly and efficiently. Successful cleanup and restoration after a fire is a job for professionals. Trying to get the damage repaired or restored by yourself can worsen the already bad situation.

SERVPRO professionals have years of experience in successful restoration and cleanup of hundreds of homes after fire damage here in Colorado Springs. Our meticulous technicians use tested scientific methods to get rid of the damage due to fire. Our state-of-the-art, multi-step cleaning process restores your home back to the pre-damage condition in no time. Here are the four scientific principles that enable SERVPRO technicians to restore your home after a fire damage.

Modulating the temperature can hasten the cleaning process  
Smoke and soot can build up on the walls and ceilings after an incidence of fire. These residues are notoriously difficult to clean even with some of the best and most active cleaning agents. SERVPRO technicians use their knowledge of chemistry to handle such stains. We use an elevated temperature that speeds up the reaction between cleaning agents and the stain causing residues.

Agitation can speed up cleaning process
SERVPRO technicians use various agitation techniques such as brushing, air, and water pressure and even sound waves at high frequencies to clean difficult to clean stains. Our technicians have a thorough understanding of how the process of agitation works and how it can be successfully implemented depending on the nature of the damage.

Chemical cleaning products can work wonders
Various chemical cleaning products can work wonders cleaning the smoke and soot residue if they are carefully selected depending on the type of the damage. Our expert technicians use their extensive experience and knowledge to choose the best possible chemical cleansing agents that can clean the damage in no time.

Restoring fire damage is a process that involves careful planning and expertise. You can trust us to ensure that your home looks, smells and feels like home again in no time.

We Put The Flames Of Worry Out In Colorado Springs After A Fire

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

bathroom burned, toilet, walls of bathroom covered with soot, bathroom sink covered with soot after fire damage We have the experience, training, and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage conditions after a fire disaster. We are available 24/7.

Know Your Odors: Controlling the Smells That Come With Fire Damage in Colorado Springs

For homeowners who suffer fire damage, one of the most devastating and noxious issues is the ongoing presence of odors. They serve as a reminder of the fire, and they also represent a potential health hazard.

Controlling those odors is a multilayered process, but the SERVPRO fire damage experts in Colorado Springs use a complete set of procedures to solve the problem. And that process starts with basic knowledge involving the nature and characteristics of odor particles.

As you might expect, odor particles are microscopic. They’re typically measured in microns, with a size range of 0.01 to approximately 4 microns.

As small as that number sounds, it becomes even more startling when compared to other tiny objects. For instance, the tip of a human hair measures 75-100 microns, making it dozens of times larger than a typical odor particle. That tininess is what allows odor particles to easily penetrate surfaces in your home after fire damage.

To eliminate them, deodorant particles must be used to penetrate those same surfaces. This allows them to combine with the odor particles and neutralize them.

This is where SERVPRO expertise comes into play. SERVPRO techs know how to create the right conditions for deodorant particles to work so the problem can be solved quickly and completely.

SERVPRO techs also use several other characteristics of odor particles to help eliminate smoke odors. One is the surface porosity of the penetrated materials—the more porous the material, the more likely it is to absorb odors. Another is the concentration of residue on penetrated materials. The more concentrated the residue, the larger the amount of surface area that is typically impacted.

The other two major factors are heat and the amount of exposure time. The longer the surfaces are exposed, the larger the number of odor particles that penetrate surfaces. And heat makes porous surfaces expand, which in turn allows odor particles to penetrate more deeply. When the heat is removed and the surfaces contract, the odor particles are left behind and trapped, and once again deodorant particles are the solution.

Can Failing Gutters Create Water Damage in Your Colorado Springs Home?

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

Rain gutter When water damage strikes your home, our SERVPRO technicians will help fix the problem "Like it never even happened."

Don't Let Ice Dams Get You Down This Winter Call Us If Your Colorado Springs Home Experiences Water Damage!

Failing gutters on your home are serious problems that can create water damage.

Do not ignore the warning signs – look for shingles that curl up at the ends, missing shingles, excessive mold or staining on your home, gutters that are pulling away from your home and other warning signs. You need to stop the problem as soon as possible before it becomes a very expensive one. Any water damage that your failing gutters are creating can be fixed by the professionals at SERVPRO.

There are several things you can check for to help you decide if water damage in your Colorado Springs home is being created by faulty gutters. If you suspect any of these, have a professional come in right away to fix your gutters.

Signs of Faulty Gutters

If you see any visible cracks on the surface of the gutters, be aware that cracks lead to water leakage, which in turn creates water damage to your home. If you do not deal with the small cracks, they lead to larger cracks and worse damage. Paint peeling or flaking prematurely in areas close to the base of your home or on the gutters themselves is a major indicator that your gutters are leaking, as this causes the paint to peel.

Watermarks found directly below the gutters are also a problem because as water pours over the surface of your home, it is absorbed. As the sun dries the water, visible watermarks are left behind. Clogged gutters can also pose a problem. There could be certain areas of your gutters where debris and leaves are continually getting caught, which can be caused by debris collecting in a crack in the gutter. A gutter specialist can fix this issue.

Lastly, gutters pulling away from your home or downspouts which are disconnected from the gutter or your home means it is the likely time for new gutters.


Ice Damming Can Allow Water Damage To Colorado Springs Homes

The winter is upon the area, and Colorado Springs homeowners prepare for another season with significant snowfall. While many properties are virtually unaffected by the predicted snow to come, other homes are less fortunate regarding the damage that heavy snow staying on the roof of their house can do. Ice damming is among the most significant of the potential hazards that threaten the structural integrity of your roof, and this phenomenon is more common than you might think.

While the smaller side of the concerns for ice damming on your roof is the weakening of the structure, water damage restoration in Colorado Springs may be required when runoff and melting snow cannot find a means to leave the roof area. Ice damming occurs when melting snow beneath a fresh snowpack reaches the eaves of the roof and freezes at this point. To make matters worse, the condition continues to worsen without physically breaking them loose or having several warmer days to melt the ice.

Our SERVPRO professionals have helped many of our customers that have dealt with ice damming and the water damages that can result from the incident. As melting snow and runoff have no means of escape from the area, and the weight of the snowpack providing immense pressure on the roof itself, vulnerabilities become exposed and exploited by the present water.

With efficient equipment designed to reduce overall humidity fast like our industrial-strength dehumidification machines, we can effectively bring moisture levels down to acceptable parameters in the attic space to prevent the growth of mold and fungus. With a licensed contracting division, our SERVPRO franchise can assist immediately with emergency board-up services and include our professional reconstruction services as part of our comprehensive restoration package that saves our customers time and money.  

Ice damming can happen to any home, even on some that have preventative measures in place to avoid it. If your home suffers water damage, let our experts help you to restore the damaged areas fast.

How To Clean and Restore Electronics After an Electrical Fire

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

Personal computer burnt due to electricity short circuit - Threat to computer hardware concept Computer of an office damaged by fire.

How To Restore Electronics After A Fire

Having an electrical fire in your business is bad news. Damage to your electric wiring, appliances and electronics can be extremely difficult to repair. Soot and smoke damage have incredible penetration, and it only takes a minuscule amount in the wrong place in modern electronics to destroy an entire device.

Smoke Hates Electronics
Computers and complicated electronics have extremely dense circuit boards. The space between conductors is precisely calculated to be the least distance possible. Unfortunately, this means it takes very little to create a short circuit.
There are three main dangers to electronics from the smoke:

  • A black, oily film
  • Polarized smoke
  • Acid in the soot

Smoke Eats Boards
Smoke from an electrical fire is a complicated substance and depends on the materials burned and the degree of heat. However, it always contains some soot and oil. If the material wasn’t well-combusted, the amount of soot and smoke increases enormously.
While the oil and soot can short out your circuit board, the acids in the smoke will start to dissolve the board itself. This can loosen connections and allow tracings to migrate slightly, causing spikes in impedances and loose connections that lead to computer failures.

Computer Cleanup Is Usually the Worst
Unlike most electronic devices, most computers have fans that actively draw in air from the room to cool the CPU and graphics processor. This means the smoke is being pulled in, and it makes computer cleanup extremely difficult.
Professional electronics restoration companies in Cimarron Hills, CO, have special solvents that can often save a computer, but it should be removed from power before receiving smoke damage. If you can safely do so before evacuating, you or a manager should shut off the breakers. It makes it safer for the firefighters, too.
An electrical fire doesn’t have to be the end of your electronics. If you react quickly and hire the right experts, most electronics not directly subjected to heat can be saved. Either way, SERVPRO will return your business to “Like it never even happened.”