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Why It Is Important To Have An Emergency Flood Plan For Your Home In Colorado Springs

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Why It Is Important To Have An Emergency Flood Plan For Your Home In Colorado Springs Give our experts a call anytime at (719) 574-2789.

Having An Emergency Flood Plan For Your Colorado Springs Home

Natural disasters can strike through the heart of Colorado Springs with little warning. In an area prone to flash flooding combined with hailstorms, a single drawn-out storm system can be devastating to entire neighborhoods, streets, and the lower-lying regions around the city. Knowing how you intend to react to these emergencies as they happen, or how others that you care about should as well, is the difference in safe operation and practices amid a crisis.

In some cases, there is little that can get done to stop the flood damage to Colorado Springs homes and businesses once flash flooding conditions have begun. Monitoring the conditions is your best option to keep your family safe during a flood. Our SERVPRO professionals can help you to recover after a flood loss incident in your home, even through build back and reconstruction. Don't risk your life or someone else’s to protect your home from rising waters.

Developing a plan that your whole family can recognize in the event of an emergency is critical to ensuring that you can manage the crisis as much as possible. Choosing a place that is easy to navigate for each family member can ensure that everyone gets together quickly and gets to high ground away from the roaring flood.

Once the storm and floodwaters have settled, our SERVPRO professionals can help you to navigate the recovery of your property safely. No matter how severe the conditions are in the house, we have the advanced extraction, drying, and cleaning approaches and equipment to overcome it.

Protecting your family and your pets in flood situations is sometimes the only positive thing you can do until the emergency becomes less life-threatening. Whenever disaster strikes, you can count on the fast response and the expertise of our SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs team to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give our experts a call anytime at (719) 574-2789.

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The Water Damage Remediation Plan in Colorado Springs That Wins Over Customers

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Water Damage Remediation Plan in Colorado Springs That Wins Over Customers Overflowing appliances can cause serious water damage if left unattended. Contact the remediation specialists at SERVPRO today.

Water Damage Colorado Springs – Overflowing Toilet

When toilets leak, the leak may not be noticed until there is water everywhere. The first step is to always shut the water valve off located to the side or just behind the toilet. Once the water is turned off, the damage can at least be contained. Use towels or whatever you have to block the water from seeping behind the walls or out the doorway to other rooms. 

Call SERVPRO for water damage in Colorado Springs for help. We can respond quickly and contain the damage from your leaking toilet. Water leaks should be considered an emergency due to the potential of extensive damage to flooring and walls. Our technicians initially inspect the area to assess the type of water and the extent of the damage. A planned response includes:  

  • Mopping up any standing water that may have leaked onto the floor.
  • Verify the location of the leak and make necessary repairs before turning the valve on again
  • SERVPRO technicians can sanitize the area if needed
  • Remove excess water from carpeting and other porous surfaces
  • Evaluate whether content such as carpeting can be dried and restored. If not, it must be removed and replaced. The decision depends on the porosity of the material and whether the material can be dried in place. For example, it may be difficult to dry porous materials sufficiently to avoid warping of hardwood or the growth of mold

Since this situation involves clean water, affected non porous flooring can be dried and surface cleaned. It is important to act quickly. Even clean water can degrade and become a source of bacteria and viruses if left untreated. 

Our technicians can also restore your home to its original condition by replacing carpeting and flooring as needed. We also work closely with your insurance company to provide all of the appropriate information needed to administer your insurance claim. 

We are strategically located to respond quickly to your flood damaging event. Call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 for 24/7 service. We also serve Widefield, Cimarron Hills and several more local communities in the area. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster in your area. 

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Burn scars are risk areas for flooding

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Burn scars are risk areas for flooding It is important to know the difference between a watch and a warning in order to be prepared to take appropriate action.

Communities in Colorado continue to feel the lasting effects of wildfire season annually with the landscape changing both in the immediate area and several miles away. Burned areas become highly susceptible to flash flooding and debris flows, with the risk increasing near steep terrain. Rainfall that would normally be absorbed will instead run off and bring with it debris. The reaction is similar to what happens during a heavy rainstorm on pavement. According to the National Weather Service a good rule of thumb to assess your risk is, “If you can look uphill from where you are and see a burnt-out area, you are at risk.”

Flash flooding in a burn scar area doesn’t only include water. As the water runs downhill it can create erosion and pick up large amounts of ash, other types of soil, rocks, and burned vegetation including trees. The force of the water and debris can damage and in some cases destroy roads, bridges, and buildings miles away from the burn scar.

The flooding can happen very quickly, however, there are some factors to take into account. The National Weather Service explains the time required for a flash flood to begin depends on how severe the fire was and how steep the terrain is, combined with the rate of precipitation. As an example, an area with steep terrain combined with a severe burn scar and light rainfall can result in flash flooding within minutes of the storm starting.

Here are some things you can do if you currently live in an area near a burn scar to protect yourself and your family:

  • Have an evacuation route planned that is least likely to be impacted by flash flooding.
  • Have an emergency supply kit available.
  • Stay informed on the latest watches and warnings from the National Weather Service.
  • Be alert when storms develop and evacuate if heavy rain develops.
  • Call 911 immediately if you are caught in a flash flood.

There are many resources available to help families stay on top of changes in weather patterns including the National Weather Service and local news outlets.  

SERVPRO can help once the danger has passed and the waters have receded by restoring your home and its contents from the effects of flooding. Read more about the process here.

Our number one goal is to free your home of water, contamination, and safety risks. SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs is always here and ready to help you make your home “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (719) 574-2789 for disasters brought on by flood damage and other situations. Let our experts help guide you through the mess.

Fire damage in a Colorado Springs home.

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire damage in a Colorado Springs home. Let SERVPRO help you carefully get your home back to new.

We can get you back to normal.

Cleaning and restoration services are often only a fraction of what it might cost to replace or resurface items affected by fire damage in your Colorado Springs home. By applying the principles and elements of cleaning to restore damaged materials to a quality preloss condition, the expense involved in your fire claim lowers substantially.  

When attempting to restore smoke or fire damaged materials on your Colorado Springs property, technicians often follow a few basic principles. The goal is to restore as many items, surfaces, and structural components as possible, before recommending replacement. When you have a qualified professional on your side, they can recover many items, even those you thought lost forever. 

SERVPRO uses the principles of cleaning to inspect the affected area carefully. With the proper training, we learn how to identify different types of residue, clean a variety of surfaces, and capture or remove different residues to ensure proper restoration. The cabinets in your kitchen, countertops, fixtures, furniture, appliances, electronics, and even some personal items can all benefit from a professional using the principles of cleaning. 

SERVPRO technicians break things down further by using the four fundamental elements of cleaning. Where temperature, agitation, chemical action, and time all play a significant role. Remember, it is always better to call a restoration specialist as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage smoke and fire residue can do to your belongings. By combining these principles and elements, our technicians offer your best chance at restoring items affected by the fire. 

At SERVPRO, we understand how heat, oxygen, moisture, and gases all interact to produce smoke residues. The amount of each represents different challenges for fire damage restoration, as each material reacts differently under similar circumstances. All of the variables involved in your fire can make it difficult to establish a fixed, defined procedure for cleaning. However, our services were designed to adjust to your specific conditions. Our fire and smoke damage restoration technicians (FSRT) generally pre-test many items with various detergents and solvents to not further damage them and to optimize the cleaning potential.

Contact SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 for

additional information about your situation or to begin your fire damage restoration, today. We have certified professionals available 24/7, year-round to answer your call for help, day, or night.  

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Call Us If A Flood Has Damaged Your Home In Colorado Springs

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Call Us If A Flood Has Damaged Your Home In Colorado Springs You do not need to deal with this alone – our experts can guide you through the mess.

Flood Damage Changes Everything Until Your Colorado Springs Home Becomes Habitable Again

Knowing that flooding is imminent in your Colorado Springs neighborhood because of the cresting of a nearby body of water can cause intense stress but also gives you time to prepare. Moving as much as possible to higher levels, or shelves if your home only has one story, can protect your belongings. Keeping them from getting drenched can save photos and other valuables, but your home remains in danger.

SERVPRO can help restore both your home and the bulk of its contents from the effects of flood damage in Colorado Springs. Before we begin restoring things, we check for safety issues that might require attention before any mitigation takes place. While the damaged condition of your home prevents your family from residing there, some damage requires stabilizing or other measures to ensure our technicians’ safety while making the residence habitable for you.

Flooding damages soft materials that need quick removal and disposal so we can move toward other aspects. We do this as quickly as possible. When possible, we use a large dumpster so that the area outside your residence remains as orderly as possible and does not impose any problems for cleanup in that area of your property.

Disposing of belongings and furnishings occurs only with your input. When something of value to you or a loved one finds its way into this category, we can try to restore it as best we can. The amount of time such items remained exposed to floodwaters can affect the outcome, however. We do understand that the contents inside your home helped make it the comfortable place you remember, so we strive to restore as much as possible, especially your more cherished items.

Just like water evaporates, it also seeps further and further into your home. Any area touched by flooding also receives a fair share of contamination. While we dry your home out in preparation of restoration work, we also decontaminate every inch of your home’s surfaces. We do this with an atomizing machine that turns the disinfecting liquid into a fine mist, which ensures an even and complete application while helping prevent streaking or discoloration.

Freeing your home of water, contamination, and risks to your safety is our goal. SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs is always here, ready to help you make your home “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (719) 574-2789 for disasters brought on by flood damage and other situations. You do not need to deal with this alone – our experts can guide you through the mess.

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SERVPRO Can Mitigate the Fire Damage to Your Colorado Springs Home

6/3/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Can Mitigate the Fire Damage to Your Colorado Springs Home Fire, Soot, Smoke Damage in Colorado Springs? Help Is Close By--Call SERVPRO, "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs Eliminates More than Soot and Bad Odor

Fires are unexpected and traumatic events, and most of them leave a small part of the house charred and damaged, and a much larger area damaged by water, soot and odor. To deal with the aftermath of a fire, using fire damage restoration services is critical.
If your Colorado Springs home has sustained fire damage, SERVPRO remediation experts can typically restore it to its preloss state quickly and efficiently. Our restoration technicians remove smoke stains and soot to prevent them from permanently becoming embedded in a structure. Our cleaning process breaks the bonds between soils and the surfaces they have adhered to. We can remove the soils through lubrication, suspension and dispersion, mechanical action, and chemical action. Our FSRT fire and smoke restoration techs have advanced training and are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and always utilize the latest in equipment and techniques.
Getting rid of odors trapped in your furniture, carpets, wall coverings, and draperies help improve the quality of indoor air. Our crews use equipment like thermal foggers to eliminate a wide variety of odors from crawl spaces, wall cavities, and spaces above suspended ceilings among other surfaces. We can also inspect your HVAC system if it was in operation during the fire. Our technicians can place cheesecloth over the vents to detect if smoke contamination is coming from the ventilation system. Cheesecloth also helps prevent the HVAC system from circulating particulates during the cleanup process.
As a complete fire damage mitigation company, SERVPRO also offers pack-out services. We have a sophisticated process of carefully recovering and transporting the contents damaged by fire, smoke, or water to our facilities for cleaning, repair, and restoration. Our crews use advanced cleaning and drying equipment to preserve, protect, and restore valuable possessions and legal documents. If we discover specialty items that require refinishing or restoring when cleaning your possessions, we contact specialty restorers to pick up the items for restoration. After cleaning, we perform additional deodorizing to eliminate smells. Our crews repack the items with new packing paper and boxes and move them to a clean storage warehouse area. We deliver the items back to a home after the restoration process is complete. "Like it never even happened."
When a fire occurs, the professionals from SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs stand ready on a 24/7 basis to help you restore your property to its pre-incident condition. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and can handle your cleanup and repairs promptly. You can reach us at (719) 574-2789.

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SERVPRO fights hunger with Care and Share

6/3/2019 (Permalink)

As we approach summer in Southern Colorado we recognize that it can be a difficult time for families who lose access to vital school food. The community turns to organizations such as Care and Share to help fill the void and provide reliable access to nutrition for hungry families.

SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs and SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes are teaming up with Care and Share to host a Care Drive in the month of June. Starting on June 3rd through June 20th you can drop off any donations of non-perishable food items to either SERVPRO location as well as at several distribution boxes across the community.

To see a list of locations visit the event on Facebook.

We will continue to post updates as more businesses join us in collecting food. According to Care and Share when the school year ends and summer begins as many as 45,000 kids across Southern Colorado may be unsure of where their meals will come from.

Click here for more on Care and Share pantry locations near you.

If you would like to help us by allowing your business to serve as a collection site please contact our marketing department.

Chris Rizzuto 719-220-0589 or

We will bring a collection box to your business and pick it up once the drive ends or it fills up!

You can also bring donations directly to our franchise locations:

SERVPRO of Northern Colorado Springs/Tri-Lakes:  1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd. #111-161

SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs: 5660 Parachute Circle  

Drives like this one help maintain the supply of food for the community but it is not the only way Care and Share reaches families. This summer they will continue to utilize summer mobile food pantries which are weekly or bi-weekly food distributions of fresh food in a farmers market style. They also offer free snacks and meals to kids at designated meal sites throughout the community.

Our Experts Can Restore Your Fire Damaged Paintings In Your Colorado Springs Art Gallery

5/28/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Experts Can Restore Your Fire Damaged Paintings In Your Colorado Springs Art Gallery If you ever suffer from fire or smoke-related issues inside your gallery, call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 immediately.

Commercial Fire Damage Specialists In Colorado Springs Talk About Restoring Paintings

Many of the art galleries located in Colorado Springs are in either Old Colorado City or the downtown area. These parts of the city contain retail locations that are connected, which means that if something burns in a neighboring location, your art gallery can still be the victim of commercial fire damage. Flames coming from the blaze and the smoke associated with it can travel through walls and negatively affect your place of business. Once your art gallery gets affected, replacing paintings can get quite costly. When it comes to paintings, our professional commercial fire damage experts at SERVPRO know certified contractors who specialize in restoring artwork that has been the recipient of smoke-related issues.

Our SERVPRO technicians specialize in fixing issues with other items like your building materials and other contents. Our commercial fire damage technicians in Colorado Springs, have experience in refinishing and restoring burnt or smoke-damaged materials such as your display cases and structural components. In some cases, we could find it necessary to move out all of the items inside your gallery and mitigate the issues with them outside of your structure. Once we remove all of your artwork and give them to the professional art restoration company, our fire and smoke restoration technician or FST then assesses the problems associated with everything else inside your gallery.

Once your artwork is removed, our FST examines your building materials and other contents inside your gallery. We use wipe tests to determine how far the smoke has traveled. We then use a test cleaning kit to figure out which chemicals and techniques will work on the various surfaces inside your gallery's building. The test cleaning process not only helps us figure out the best way to clean your items, but it also helps us determine which objects we can save and which ones we cannot.

If you ever suffer from fire or smoke-related issues inside your gallery, call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789 immediately.

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Answered: Your Burning Questions About Water Damage Remediation in Colorado Springs

5/18/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Answered: Your Burning Questions About Water Damage Remediation in Colorado Springs Water damage accumulates quickly and can be detrimental. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Save Your Data From Water Damage With The Assistance of SERVPRO!

In the digital age, your personal data is more important than ever, however, it is also extremely fragile. Water damage can corrupt the data stored on your precious electronics and electronic media. Your paper files, too, are at risk of being completely destroyed by water. Books and documents can be rendered unreadable if left in water for too long. If you have electronics and documents at risk of being lost, then call the professionals at SERVPRO to get on the path to data preservation.

SERVPRO technicians are your first line of defense against water damage and can minimize further damage to media in your Colorado Springs home. Whether it is paper, electronics, or electronic media, we are experienced in a variety of techniques for saving your property. However, not all types of media were created equal, and some are more difficult than others to save. Paper documents and books are often the most difficult type of media to preserve in the case of water damage. They must be completely frozen and dried through sublimation, where the water affecting the paper is turned from ice into gas.

Electronics can be more easily preserved with simple water removal and dehumidification techniques. We can remove standing water from electronics, seal them in plastic bags, and dehumidify them while monitoring temperatures to ensure that dew does not condense on the electronics. This assists qualified electronics restorers in their jobs, raising the chance of you being able to recover your data. Electronic media can be similarly dealt with and our techs can dehumidify electronic media to help preserve them for specialized electronics cleaning/repair services.

It should be noted that non-SERVPRO specialty electronics cleaning/repairs services will likely be needed in addition to the services SERVPRO can provide in preservation of electronic media.

We know that your data is important. If your personal data is at risk of being ruined by water damage, then call SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs at (719) 574-2789.

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Flooding in Your Colorado Springs Home? Yikes!! Call SERVPRO for Fast Help to Save Your Property

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flooding in Your Colorado Springs Home? Yikes!! Call SERVPRO for Fast Help to Save Your Property SERVPRO Helps with Storm Damage Cleanup and Mitigation in the Colorado Springs Area, Just Call

Hazards of Contaminated Water for Flooded Colorado Springs Homes

With natural flooding situations that can occur throughout areas of Colorado Springs prone to flash flooding, waves of water can pick up all manner of contaminants and bacteria before penetrating the exterior of houses along its path. With this threat occurring without warning, homeowners do not often have the chance to do much more than removing themselves and the family from the household to keep them safe. Our professionals can respond quickly to flooding scenarios, working to make sure that the effects of the disaster do not get the opportunity to spread to new areas.

From the time that our SERVPRO professionals reach your flooded Colorado Springs home, your entire main floor of the house could need water removal and mitigation services. We have a growing inventory of recovery equipment that begins with an array of extraction tools from our trucks in the Green Fleet to portable options like sump pumps and wet-vacs with extraction wands. We have the tool for every affected area of your home to address the threats of standing water quickly.

Even with contaminated water, extraction is one of the first steps to recovering your damaged property. Our SERVPRO professionals can then identify which areas of your home require focused attention and cleaning. In some cases, depending on the proposed contaminant, controlled demolition tactics might be necessary to remove the possibility of spreading bacteria further throughout exposed regions.

Our technicians can also come with a variety of cleaning agents, disinfection products, and antimicrobial sprays to protect structural elements that remain after controlled demolition techniques have taken place. These OSHA approved solutions can remove the possibility of secondary effects like mold growth while also killing off harmful and hazardous bacteria before build back begins.  

We strive to provide every customer with thorough and complete restoration and recovery, and with flash flooding, this often means extraction and controlled demolition tactics. You can count on the fast response and the expertise of our SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs team to ultimately make flood effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (719) 574-2789.

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