Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damage in a Security Rental

When a rental unit in the Security area is vacant for an extended amount of time water damage from leaks can cause mold growth. Wall a/c units can also drip con... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Colorado Springs House

Fire damage began as an electrical fire in the attic. There was a short circuit in a junction box. The fire damaged the rafters, insulation, the electrical syst... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Colorado Springs Home

Fire damage at this Colorado Springs house began in the electrical wiring of an overhead light in the kitchen. As the photo shows, there was significant damage ... READ MORE

Storm Water Barrier in a Colorado Springs Closet

The Before Photo is the work in progress after the standing water from the storm has been removed. The contaminated water wicked into the insulation after penet... READ MORE

Concealed Mold

Slow leaks.  They usually aren't covered by insurance and many can be asymptomatic.  That is what precisely happened to one of our clients.  The ... READ MORE

Water Heater Damage From Apartment Above

The majority of the damage seen in the before photo is the ceiling tiles and insulation that fell to the floor.  This was the result of a hot wat... READ MORE

Water Heater Headache

A hot water heater can be your best friend for an early morning wake up or a late night soak to soothe the day away.  However, hot water heaters can also b... READ MORE

Security Storm Damage to a Floor and Walls

The massive snowstorm dumped snow on the outside of this house in Security that was vacant awaiting a sale. The heating level was too low and a frozen pipe burs... READ MORE

Mold Damage Cleanup In Colorado Springs

Recently a homeowner in Colorado Springs contacted us regarding a mold damage issue. Upon arrival, our technicians needed to do a mold damage assessment to care... READ MORE

Hoarding Cleanup At Residential Property In Colorado Springs

Our crew at SERVPRO of South Colorado Springs was called to help clean up a hoarding incident at a residential property in Colorado Springs. Our technicians fol... READ MORE