Recent Before & After Photos

Sink supply line burst - Security, CO

An office manager from a local business in Security called us when they noticed water slowly leaking from underneath a maintenance door at the end of their hall... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Colorado Springs

Fire damage at this Colorado Springs home began in the kitchen when a pan was left on the stove too long. The fire damage was limited to the kitchen, but the so... READ MORE

Car catches fire, home up in flames

A fire story does not get much more unusual than this.  The owner of this house arrived home and parked in his garage as usual.  One of the break pads... READ MORE

Mold creates homeowner headache

It's not often with our dry climate in Colorado Springs that people encounter problems with mold growing on their belongings.  But that is precisely what h... READ MORE

Fire displaces residents at a home in Fountain

Residents of this single family rental home in Fountain suffered a fire when a family member fell asleep with a candle burning.  The candle burned down thr... READ MORE

Dishwasher wastewater discharge leak destroys kitchen

We received a call from a customer in Manitou Springs who started to notice his kitchen tile discoloring and couldn't figure out why.  Our technician took ... READ MORE

Storm creates a muddy mess on carpet

One of our customers in the Old Farm area of Colorado Springs called us for a messy problem.  After the last round of storms their dog ran into the house a... READ MORE

Stormy Weather, Flooding of Floors, and a Mess in Colorado Springs

The rainwater flowed in from a clogged downspout and damaged the hardwood flooring in this Colorado Springs Home. Storm damage, whether from water, a limb throu... READ MORE

Vacant House in Colorado Springs is Flooded

A coupling gave way in this vacant home in Colorado Springs resulting in standing water throughout the floor space. Fortunately, the amount of water was not ove... READ MORE

Colorado Springs Kitchen and Mold

The appliances, as illustrated in this Before Photo, have been removed and discarded to the rubble heap from this home in Colorado Springs. Mold growth continue... READ MORE