Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage – Colorado Springs Home

Mold damage at this Colorado Springs home was discovered in the attic. The mold was growing in the insulation. Mold is a common fungi that can be found anywhere indoors or outdoors. Mold growth develops from this fungi in warm, damp, and humid conditions. The mold growth on this insulation is apparent in the photo. It would require replacement along with drying up any moisture and applying an antimicrobial substance to inhibit mold growth.

Mold Stains on a Security Ceiling

Condensation from the hidden ductwork in this ceiling apron resulted in a buildup of moisture and the staining in this Security home. The remediation means opening the affected area, taping the leaky duct, and spraying an antifungal agent.

Repeat water damage leads to mold issues

A customer contacted us because the baseboard in his bathroom was severely bowed.  He told us his kids splash around in the bathtub and that would cause water to spill onto the floor that he would mop up.  

It never occurred to him that each time his kids flooded the floor, small amounts of water were seeping under the baseboard.  He figured the water was damaging the baseboard, but was shocked when we started opening the wall and he saw all the mold involved.

Roof leak leads to wall damage

Unfortunately for this customer she waited too long to call us to handle water damage related to a roof leak.  She was hoping it would dry on its own, but with water trapped inside the wall it was only a matter of time until the mold grew through.

To remediate the mold it was necessary to erect a containment around the affected area, install air scrubbers to create negative air pressure inside the chamber, and perform the necessary demolition.  Once the framing is exposed we treated the structural wood for mold and dried the affected area.  

Our attention to detail was particularly important on this project because one of the children who lived in the house has asthma and was sensitive to mold.

Inadequate ventilation causes mold

A property management customer called us to investigate a tenant complaint of mold on their family room ceiling.  It is very unusual for mold to grow in a place like that without water intrusion.

What we discovered was the home had no forced air and the tenant rarely opened the windows.  The steam from cooking caused condensation to build on the walls and ceiling leading to mold issues.  

After we remediated the mold we advised the tenant to start running their cooking exhaust vent fan - this simple measure may have prevented the mold from growing in the first place.

Security Mold Running Wild

This vacant property in Security was severely infested with multiple mold patches throughout the structure. Extensive demolition of building elements and carpets, with bagging and discarding, according to local and federal codes was the initial step. Call SERVPRO for jobs large like this one and small ones as well.